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No Two Stars Are The Same

If two people stand together and they are looking at an object they will never see the same things. Each person sees from a different angle with a different perception. The same is true for any vision you have for your future.

At night there are many stars that we can see, think of these stars as the ultimate goals or the achievement of your vision. When you look into the sky you see the destination of your vision. Now the stars all seem close to each other yet in real distance measure they are light years away apart. Two people can stand together looking up into the sky, what they will see is two thousand stars out of a possible estimated, two hundred billion stars. They all see what seems like the same objective in the sky which is looking in the sky but it is not true. When you have a vision in your life you have a particular star that you want to reach. When you are standing and looking into the sky it as if you see all the stars but your goal is centered on a particular star. Achieving an objective may seem like a simply process of going up and reaching the star yet if you reach the wrong star you will be millions of lights years away from your objective. Two people can come together and they may seem like they are talking about the same thing yet they are looking at two objectives which are light years apart.

Whenever you start a project you must be involved in order to achieve the objective as you see it. You might find a person who believes in what you believe in, which is reaching a star but it does not mean that they are looking at the exact star you are seeing. When a space ship launches into the sky it looks as if it is heading to all the stars because all stars are in the sky so it may seem, yet as the spaceship moves it has to pinpoint the particular place it has to reach. Sometimes we launch our ideas with people and we leave people them in charge. When we launch our companies, organizations, and ideas we set out a mission and vision. We map out what needs to be achieved and then we find like minded people but what we must never forget is that no two pair of eyes is the same. Each pair of eyes sees things from a different angle and perception which is influenced by personal experience, fears, hope and faith. If we assume that a person sees the same vision as we do just because they are launching with us into space towards our star we will regret it because in space there is so much potential to reach any other place, which is why people’s ideas fail or are stolen.

When you have a vision of what you want to achieve, write it down and pursue that. Do not alienate yourself from the vision. Always be there to see how things are going. Everyday find out what is the progress, review what is being done until you are sure that the idea is being steered towards the right star. The same principle applies to raising children, running a football team, grooming a leader, running a country, and baking a cake. Two bakers can set out to bake a cake but the outcome may never be the same cake with the same proportions. The ingredients may be the same but the size, feel and taste will always be different. If there is one thing you must remember from this article it is that no two pairs of eyes see the same thing.

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