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What is Your Reality: Work Vs Family

Would you define reality as the place of work or the family? Thinking about the answer could be a question of the chicken before the egg or the thought before the brain. Yet in everything in life there are no two things which have the same value which are not one.

The fact of the matter is we spend most of time at work. Could it be then that our personal lives are depended on our work? Could it be that the things we do in our personal lives are determined by the work we do? After all our salaries actually determine what we eat, what we drink, where we go and naturally what we do. It then becomes more natural to conclude that work is our foremost reality, yet is actually the other way round. Our work is not our reality it is just a reflection of our thinking and our goals in life.
A person spends eight hours at work sitting on a chair that does not belong to them, in an office which is not theirs, using a computer they do not own, cooling themselves from an air conditioner which is not theirs. Using toilets and sinks which are not theirs amongst other resources yet that same person goes on to think that work is their foremost reality. Some people are so comfortable at work they might once in a while prefer to be at work twelve hours a day and seven days a week. What they forget is that when it is all over and done they need to face up to the reality which is their personnel lives, thus their families.

Imagine if your job ended right now, would you be able to sit at home and be comfortable, think about the toilet you use at home, the sinks, the chairs, the air conditioner, the tables, the computers, the books, the internet, the family members, the house building, the space, the car, the time and all that you have at the place you call home; will all this be sufficient to make you comfortable or are you so comfortable in your work place more than your home. Most of us invest so much in our employment we neglect the family life. At the end we get divorced, are strangers to our children, and also wish we had more time yet we never took the time to invest in our personal lives.

Think of what you love in life and ask yourself what you have done lately. It is true that what we earn determines our lifestyles but it is even a greater truth to understand that what we value determines our career choices. For example if you love your family enough would you not invest your career in undertaking in activities which will enable you to invest in your family more? In other words do you choose a career to survive or you choose a career to make your family happy? The things that you are investing on today are a reflection of how much you value your life. If you spend most of the time drinking with your friends then clearly you value your friends more. Think of your life and calculate how much time you invest in your family and your personal life. Out of sixty years would you spend thirty years at work or would you spend thirty years with the family then everything else is divided between work and all other things.

So here is the question once more; is your foremost reality work or family? Are you selecting a career because you are ignorant on value or are you selecting a career because you love your family? The greatest investment any entrepreneur makes is at their home. This is why you find most people who are wealthy and own large businesses buy the best cars; their children attend the best education available, have the best holidays and of course can buy time. What is your reality or are you still confused?

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