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Do Not Confuse Rich and Happy

A lot of people believe that the moment they have money they will be happy and rich at the same time. Yet being happy does not always depend on being rich but it does not mean that you cannot have both. Being happy actually depends on the natural order of things.

Now, there is nothing wrong in being rich but there is everything wrong in confusing being rich with being happy. A rich person can buy comedy but a happy person can posses the comedy. Happiness comes when we have peace of mind and can do the things we truly desire but it does not need money to do this yet money can make it possible for us to achieve doing the things we want. Now happiness is greater than being rich because being rich serves happiness. In other words being rich is a tool we use to serve happiness. At the end of the day the tool is a s good as the one who uses it. Money will never buy you salvation because that is not what it can buy. Money does not buy you peace it simple creates a temporary truce until other grievances come up. Giving everyone the same amount of money does not result in world peace it just stabilizes things until someone steals or creates more money than others.

The richest person in the world is not the one who had the most money at the beginning it is the person who took a risk and mastered their fear. Happiness is not in acquiring money but it is in existing in a world where things exist in their natural order. Money is your servant and not your master. You are only happy when things are operating as they should. The reason why we think money makes us happy is because we are mistaken. When we are poor and money is running us it makes us unhappy because the order of things is not correct. How can a prince be happy when his servants are the ones riding his chariots whilst he runs alongside? This is the same thing with us. When we do not have money it just means that the servant is controlling our existence which naturally makes us unhappy. We then think when we are rich we will be happy yet we can become rich and sad, simply because instead of realizing that when we are rich we are now the master of the money we still find ourselves slaves to the money. So it is common to meet a person who has everything they could ever want but still be a servant to money and hence they tell you they are not happy.

Yes, you deserve to travel; you deserve to go wherever you want because this is what your heart desires. A desire unfulfilled makes the heart sick. If the heart is sick then you will be unhappy. In life we all need to be rich and use being rich to serve happiness and not the other way round. If you think you need to be rich to be happy then you are still mistaken but it does not hurt to be rich.

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