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Time Does Creep

An hour never happens all at once and neither does a year. Each part of time creeps slowly but surely; it is thus up to us not to be overtaken by time. Everything and anything that can ever happen has its appointed time, the only thing to ask ourselves is that do we ever recognize this.

The day has twenty four hours (24 hrs), which means they are one thousand four hundred and forty minutes (1 140mins) which are in themselves eighty-six thousand four hundred seconds (86 400secs) which are potential moments of activities. The statement that there is a time appointed for everything simply means that for each thing that we want to accomplish there is enough time given to it, we simply have to recognize when the right time is. It is like a person stuck in a house where the windows are shut. It might happen that the windows only open at one in the morning for an hour. At that time the window is the only opening that exists for the person to be able to escape and experience a new world. The interesting thing is that when the window opens most of us are sleeping so hence we never see it opening or sometimes we try to wait and stay awake but by the time it is one in the morning we have already dozed off.

Every second that passes by is an opportunity to make a decision or do something different. A lot of us have the problem of delay. We delay quite a bit and later on we are in a rush or we simply miss the time completely. Whether you believe it or not there is always enough time for preparation, but what you need to do is understand what needs to be done and then begin preparing. You do not start preparing for the baby when the baby is one month away from delivery you prepare nine months before the baby even arrives. It is like someone who wants to start a business for selling clothes. The person can sit and pray for capital to come to them but if they do not have the designs, the company name, the logo, the marketing plan ready when the capital finally comes they will lose the opportunity to sell because all they will have is the money and not the capability to set up the company. If the person received the capital today and an order was placed two days later yet they have no idea about their designs or logo it is as good as they do not have the capital because they will fail to provide.

People will sit and make resolutions about what they will achieve in the year. The funny thing is the month of March will come and go as time marches on and they never realize that they are losing time. What we need to learn is that in order to succeed we need to walk with time. The properties of time are simple, time is always on the move and so should we; It is like catching the bus. Think of the bus as time and the stop area where the bus is supposed to stop as the achievement of life. All you have to do is get into the bus at three at that particular time. So two things must happen; the first is that you must meet the bus at three in the afternoon and the second thing is that you must get into the bus. If you delay you might get there whilst the bus has already passed or you might see the bus moving away; it is the same with time. If we sit and watch time pass us by we will never move with it and find the success we want. So at most times we sit and watch as the day starts and finishes but we never do a single thing to change our position in life simply because we never utilize the resource of time.

If you want to be successful in business or life do not become partner with people who cannot keep time or make appointments, such people will make you lose the windows of opportunities. In life do not stake your life based on what a person who cannot keep time promises you for the future in terms of what they can deliver, you will only be disappointed. Time is a resource which we can use but never keep. It is a resource which is always flowing with specific things in it. Think of time as a river flowing down hill which does not have the same things in it all the time, in some seasons it is full of migrating fish which you can catch, in some seasons it has frogs, in some seasons it is dammed by beavers such that for that while you can enjoy its slow motions in that dam state. If you miss the season of the migrating fish do not expect to catch that type of fish in the season of the frogs; rather understand what is in the river and what you can use it for. This is how time is like; if you do not make the appointment with time do not expect time to always bring you the same things. You cannot expect to catch the three o’clock bus at five o’clock because it has already passed. Time is full of windows all around us and we only need but to look and we will see what appointments exist for us. For some it is the window for business, for some it is the window for building, for some it is the window for book writing, whilst for some it is the window for just resting, whilst for some it is the window for having babies, whilst for some it is the window for having a relationship and the list of windows goes on. For everything on earth there is a season and a time. If you watch the sky for a day or two you will see what I mean.

The reason why most of us are frustrated is because we have not yet learned how to read time. Sure we can read the clock that is this hour and that minute but very few of us actually read time. This is why most of us are busy doing things which are not meant for us and when we fail we kick ourselves and resign, giving up yet if we had only learnt how to read time, to truly read, we would know that there is nothing impossible on earth. It’s just a matter of time.

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