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Beyond the Anthill into the Hidden Secrets

For the most part of our lives we consider ourselves lucky or just clever believing it I the reason why we are successful. We fail to realize that we are no different from ants on an anthill that cannot see beyond the anthill into the hidden secrets of life.

For an ant its surrounding are what it sees as the size of the world, yet at any moment a cup of water, a sudden footstep or small cigarette could kill the ant without a moment’s notice. Around the ant due to its size and hence its limitations so many things could occur. In our lives we are no different from the ant. As you walk around the city you have no idea what is around the corner, you can believe it is still the same as you saw it before but like a good driver you know things can change in a second. When driving you keep your eyes open because at any time the clear road can be full of cars, a child crossing the road, a stray animal, a careless driver, a big pothole and so many other things. Being alert does not make you clever it just makes you wise but that does not make you safe. Why it does not make you safe is the very fact that you do not control anything outside yourself. The pedestrian walking on the side of the road could decide to jump in front of your car, the stray animal could just jump into the road from seemingly nowhere, and the driver in the other oncoming lane could just swerve into your car, you could blink and suddenly you are inside a pothole, the cars you think are surrounding you as you travel, one of them could just blow up in front of you causing a pile up.

Time is another entity which we think we control when we are planning. We make so many plans based on time yet it is not ours in the first place. We speak of tomorrow and how we are going to achieve this and that yet time is only but the present. Whilst you are planning your tomorrow someone else could be planning their tomorrow which affects your future. For example the ant could be planning to start working on a new opening beside the ant hill yet unknown to the ant there is a human being planning to create a new house right where the ant lives. So the ant will wake up ready to start creating the opening and the human shows up with a grading machine to destroy the ant hill. Both have planned but only one will receive a favorable outcome. This is how it is in life, you plan to so many things in the future but you actually have no idea what the movement is planning, what your boss is planning, what the regions are planning, what your neighbors are planning, what the market will be like, what the weather will do at that time and certainly what your own family will also do. This does not mean do not plan for the future but it does mean you need to understand the secret beyond the future for an ant on an anthill.

Most of us think that we can hide and be in secret with our plans or we can just disappear from sight and all will be well. We believe that if we hide our plans or act in secret no one sees us, yet it will never guarantee that we are not seen. Ti an ant on an anthill, it can hide beside the bush next to the hill believing no one can see it, but unknown to it a human who stands right next to it can see everything. One of our greatest weaknesses as human is believing that we are the most intelligent and the only advanced existence in the world yet everything in life has a hierarchy. It is pure logic. If an ant cannot see the whole field it means there is something else that can, it could be the beetle because it flies, but the beetle cannot see the entire ground as it stretches beyond the field so that maybe seen by the dragon fly, but again the dragon fly cannot see the whole country so that could be seen by the birds, the birds on the other hand cannot see the entire earth so that is left to the humans, now the humans might be able to look into the sky but surely they cannot see the entire universe or even dream of going to every single part of the universe so that is left to some other existence. The point is this, life has different levels of existence and you should know your place. Our lives on earth are just like the ant and we should believe that there is someone out there bigger than us who can see beyond our anthill.

The hidden secrets of life are not really secrets they are just things we fail o accept or realize. We are not that clever neither are we that intelligent. The fact that in our present day we have no technology to build pyramids should show us that we are not that advanced, the fact that we cannot survive a simple hurricane should tell us we are just like an ant which is threatened by a cup of flowing water, the fact that we are powerless to stop a large meteorite from destroying the earth just means we are as powerless as an ant against man’s grading machine, the fact that we are stuck on earth and cannot go anywhere else due to our abilities, it just means we are like an ant which cannot move too far away from its anthill.

Be wise and know your place. A little prayer in the morning goes a long way. Faith in the right belief can save your life. Hope in what really matters can prolong your life. In all that you do acknowledge the truth and you will find the secrets beyond the anthill.

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