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One Step

It takes one step to live and one step to die. For every journey of a thousand, the one step is the pioneer of greatness. For every chain that will ever be made, one link begins that chain and forms the basis of the existence of that chain. For every human existence there is that one strand of DNA that defines the human genetic makeup. When we master how to take our one step we master how to dominate the world.

Inspiration comes with the flicker of a light not with the brightness of the sun. A baby begins to walk after they have mastered just one step. We toil in ideas daily yet each and every idea has the potential to make us become masters of the world. Each idea is used in one place or the other yet we claim it is not for us. We sit and complain that others seem to make it and we do not yet the world is round, what goes around can come around to us if only we master that one step. Why don’t we stop complaining and step; step towards what we crave for? Why stand around looking at others when we can step into their presence and learn what we can do also?

A journey to greatness is simply the repetition of one step which was mastered. A road is the culmination of experience started by one step build for others to step on. We can stand and admire the length of the journey or instead we can master the power of one step. Ten thousand hours of practice makes one an expert but one mastered step makes one a genius. We never breathe two times but we inhale once and exhale once consecutively. It is not up to us to select the path destiny takes us but it is up to us to select which destiny we desire to travel to. Destiny is not a place that comes to us but a place we choose to go to by the steps we take, that one step that defines the fate of our dreams.

It is easy to speak of life and how much of it we want and have but if we never understand life we will never understand success. Life is a walk, an eternal movement of spirits and souls. It is a calmness that travels many journeys yet stays in one place. It is the step of divinity that creates a mirage of a million lifetime steps; yet when one is truly still, one will notice that life is the perfect motion of one step. Many people will speculate on the road to success but few will actually travel on the road. Bulletins and discussions will be published but none will bring success to anyone. Success will only come to those who take not only that leap of faith but that one step of destiny.

No one wins a race by sitting and dreaming of it, none achieves victory by never running for the victory and certainly never will a person live until they have exercised their right to be born. Success is like the river which wants to burst. In the absence of that first leak or crack in the dam wall from which the water makes its first step there may never be flooding of rushing water. Until that first crack is made and the first sip of water trickles through it remains only but a river wishing to burst. A book does not start with the first chapter it starts with a title; the chapter does not start with a paragraph, it starts with a new page. In life we need to master one step not as a prerequisite to success only but as a necessity to breathe, after all we breath with one breath at a time.

Only a fool attempts to finish a race by starting at the finish line, wisdom is never a way of completion but way of starting and resolving to the completion. Knowledge exits in the presence of life and life exits in the act of one step. That which never takes that first step is dead and that which has mastered one step has found life. If you are thinking of changing your life and you never take that one step, you might as well brand yourself a failure. Everything which is negative is so because it never takes that one step. Fear discourages from an attempt, sadness never moves towards happiness, divorce never steps into bliss, despair is missed step, stupidity is the absence of a step into knowledge, and foolishness is the absence of a mastered step.

A million dollars in not one single entity but is an entity of a million dollars, of which in the absence of one dollar it ceases to be a million dollars. A building whose wall misses one brick becomes s building prone to collapsing. A dozen of eggs which lose just one egg ceases to be called a dozen. Success is hence the culmination of a number of single steps.

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