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Hints of Personal Evil

It is easy to judge the dictators and the leaders that indulge in terrible acts. It is easy to see when they do wrong because they are in the media and we tend to focus on them more than we would ever focus on ourselves, but if you were to stand in the street you would see something terrible. Something so vicious and incredible you would wonder how come you never noticed it. You would see hints of evil within yourself.

The ordinary person prides themselves in being ok, not perfect but being reasonable and considerate but if we are to scrutinize this claim we would see something different. All we have to do is to take consideration of our actions in everyday life to see that we also need help. You can easily tell who makes a good president or leader by the way they act in their small habits. When standing in a queue and someone comes genuinely asking to be let in front because they have a problem to attend to, how many of us would give them a place. Most of us would fume and says a few grumbles. We do this because we never take a second look to think what if it was us, what I would want people to do. All of us can easily tell when someone is lying and when they are not, simply by listening and looking at the person. A person who does not take a second look to listen will not make a good leader because they are not patient enough to understand.

For those who drive there are so many times that people cut in front of you or do something that seems wrong. Most of the time we fume and curse, cases of road rage. In life we will always have people that wrong us and do terrible things but if we do not learn to forgive we will never be forgiven ourselves. A good person learns to forgive, it does not mean that when someone wrongs you it is ok but you must have the decency to forgive and move on. When you scream and shout it never makes you feel better it actually makes you worse and all agitated. My good friend used to say that when you scream and shout it is you who spends your energy whilst the other person just drives off with their life, you never achieve anything at all. If spend all your life thinking people are the ones doing you wrong you might never actually see that sometimes it is because you are also doing something wrong.

In the restaurant people like ordering their food and then shouting at the waiter, which most of the time is completely unjustified. Does anyone ever stop and ask why the food is late or why the person got the order wrong? We all have bad days and sometimes at work we fail to do things right or we just keep making mistakes, but it does not mean you are silly it just means you are having a bad day. When someone makes a mistake or your food is late it is better to ask why it is late so that you understand. Shouting does not make the situation better it just makes the waiter angry or feel stupid. Imagine if people were always shouting at you in public. Always take the time to consider the other side.

The other day a lady ran out of money at the cashier when she was about to pay for her shopping. Her money was short by three dollars; everyone just looked at her and some people starting mumbling that she should not have bought so many things. Looking at the lady you could tell she really needed what she was buying and that what she was buying were really basic things such that you could not say there was nothing she did not need. The cashier asked her if she could remove one time and the lady looked quite desponded. Interestingly enough everyone just looked and then another person who was in another queue moved over and handed her five dollars, to include two dollars in case she had over spent her transport money. She was so happy and she paid for all her things and went her way the guy only smiled went back to his queue. The interesting thing is the guy never spoke a word to her because he could not speak her language since he was a foreigner in the country. True leaders in society know when to sacrifice and they know when people need help; they never ask for anything in return.

Everyday we are involved in one act or the other, the way we speak to the maid, the janitor, the way we conduct ourselves in restaurants, public areas, the comments we make about politics, the way we live all speaks volume about what kind of people we are. Sometimes evil is not far from our house it could simply be in us without us knowing it. We should always look at ourselves and be honest, asking ourselves if we really are doing things the right way or are we being selfish. Sometimes people sacrifice for us at work, home, queues, and in life but we fail to see it. We are too busy thinking of our problems to see that we are actually a problem and a log in other people’s eyes. It does not matter for how long you do something wrong, at that moment that you shout at a waiter or scream at another driver, you affect that person’s day. Sometimes it is so bad the person ends up in a very bad state simple because we started it by screaming at that person for just ten seconds.

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