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Ten Ways to Recognize Babies

Growing up is not as easy as most of think, sometimes it takes three years, sometimes twenty to fifty years depending on the resolve of the persons. Babies are very adorable and loveable when they are growing up but adult babies are not so loveable, they are difficult to socialize with. There are ten easy ways to recognize adult babies around us. The difference between babies and baby adults is simple once we learn to recognize what a baby is.

Number one is easy, adult babies are always crying for no reason. In life you meet people who think the world is always at fault and all they ever do is complain and cry. You try to start a conversation and before you are even half way down the conversation they are already complaining. They blame the employer, the partner, the dog, the weather, the car, they try to blame anything and everything as long as they never blame themselves. Such people you will find in families, homes, offices and even in your own mirror looking back at you. They just never take responsibility for anything, all they believe is that the world is not fair and that’s all they think they need to know.

Number two is fascinating because babies are always playing in order to grow but these adult babies play in order to pass time. They never take anything and produce anything; it is considered a miracle when they actually do anything else. They spend day in day out making new year resolutions but come end of the year they achieve nothing if anything they actually get worse. They will tell you that this time around they are going to change but they never do. If you leave them today tomorrow they will still be in the same place still playing with their lives away. Unlike real babies, these adult babies play their lives away and realize when it is too late that they have wasted their time playing. Such people you should be careful what kind of responsibility to give them because they are just always playing.

Number three has to do with awareness of what is happening beyond the playground. Babies usually have no idea what is going on beyond their playground. These types of grown up babies have no idea what is going on with politics, economics and just the social happenings around them. All they think is that everything is ok and they expect other people to know. They can cross the street without even worrying about what is happening around them ; these type of people will change careers without ever knowing what they really want. They are the type of people who hear the news but cannot plan based on what is happening around the country. They always think someone is going to save them and take care of them. They never realize that it is also up to them.

The fourth thing is sometimes the most irritating, adult babies just do not listen. You tell them once or twice and they still go on to repeat the same thing. These type of babies you tell them not to play with fire and they still go on to play with fire, they prefer learning from the experience. These type of adult babies you can warn them about their future, life, careers, friends, habits and whatsoever that concerns them but they will still repeat the same mistakes and involve themselves with the same problems. Sometimes there is nothing you can do except to be there when problems happen but it will cause you much pain. If you adopt adult babies then you must be prepared to be continuously disappointed.

The fifth thing is that adult babies are sometimes just have no idea what they want. They can wake up today with a mood which you may not understand and will just be irritable. You can try as much as possible to console or understand them but they just get quite emotional and all you can do is watch or you can try to help, usually the helping does not help so you let them cry. These type of adult babies are dangerous because they can be so emotional they do all they decisions based on emotions such that they just never think twice about who it will hurt or what they will affect. These babies it is best to stay away from them, you do not them

Babies are beautiful and loveable but adults who do not grow up or take responsibility that is another level of baby and that level is dangerous. Sometimes when people are continuously disappointing you it could probably because you are dealing with a baby and you are not recognizing it.

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