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How Big Is Your Mind

One of the greatest illusions of life is the belief that everything has a volume that it can fit into. So we judge the size of anything according to what it fits into. We tend to measure everything in life such that we then feel comfortable because we believe being able to measure something is intelligence yet the mind is so much bigger than a simple measurement.

The brain of any species fits into the head, but that does not mean the mind must fit into that also. The term thinking out of the box tries to encourage people to go beyond the normal solutions and come up with new things. Most of us tend to think that life’s solutions are based on what we see and what we believe, but we never dare to come up with new things because our minds are simple the size of our heads. So a person who finishes college goes to create their resume, a person who is born in a family of dancers believes dancing is the only way to make money, children who come from a long tradition of restaurant owners can only imagine restaurants in their lives. At the end of the day people never really think of going outside the box, finding new careers, starting new businesses, branching out and expanding their activities.

The mind is such an amazing thing because it does not have an end; we are the ones who set the limits. We set boundaries in which we decide who we should live with, where we should stay, what jobs we are able to do and all that yet the mind has a universal potential. A simple example in order to understand the power of the mind is to understand imagination. When you close your eyes you can imagine anything and you can be anywhere, you can go anywhere you want and you can do anything that you want. What we fail to realize is that our imagination is the foundation of reality and that the limitations of the physical world are just an illusion. Instead of accepting the idea that we have and the possibilities we think up we tend to believe the illusion of the physical reality that things are impossible. The universe is a reality which we cannot see with our natural eyes because it is too big yet if you close your eyes and imagine the universe you can see all of it inside your mind. If you just close your eyes you can see all the stars, the moons, the space and the planets all inside your mind. Your mind is the foundation of reality that holds the possibilities of life in your grasp; all you have to do is believe and act.

If you think according to the limitations of your head you will always think according to the immediate because that is what your body sees. Your body only sees what is in front of you, it only touches what is close to it and it only feels what is near to it. If you only think within the context of your head you will only be able to make money according to the illusion of what you see is what you get which is a great lie. On the other hand if you embrace your mind as a universal place where anything is possible you will achieve greatness, you will create new things, start new businesses and live a better life. You will not be constrained by what the world tells you but you will believe according to what is within the possibilities of the universe.

A person whose mind is in the context of the universe has a greater vision of life. They create tomorrow today and live success before it even dwells on others. This is why others create products which the whole world is still using and create lifestyles that everyone follows all because they see in the context of the universe. So you can decide to either live according to the smallness of your head or you can live according to the greatness of the universe, after all there is a heaven and an earth, which is how the world started.

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