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How to Recognize Opportunities in Doors

When everything else is silent and still, progress does not stop. Somewhere within the serenity, new things are being birthed, new frontiers in technology are being discovered and new doors are being opened. The average person dreams of finding their pot of gold at the end of the rainbow or miraculously stepping on to a gold claim, however this rarely happens. It is not because people do not dream hard enough most of the time so they never find success; it is because they just never learnt how to open doors.

When we go to school we are taught how to measure quantities, how to memorize processes, how to write the right grammar, how to add and subtract amongst all sorts of things. Our exams are based on how much we remember what we were taught. It is about remembering historical dates, grammar correctness, using the right symbols in the equation but in all this we are never tested on how to open new doors or simply creating new things. The degrees that most people have simply mean that the person is good at following instruction because in order to pass school that is all you have to do. School is more of an institution where we are taught discipline in listening and remembering. Those who fail in school fail because they are not disciplined enough, they did not practice hard enough to remember all that they are taught. It is true that school is absolutely necessary in one’s life but it is a farce to believe that we actually learn how to open doors in school.

The fundamental thing we need to learn about a door is that there is always a door keeper and a key. Every door has a key that opens it and closes it. That key is what most of us lack to understand, it does not necessarily mean that the key is for particular people, it is actually for everyone which is why it rains on both the good and the evil. Opportunities are for everyone and doors are for all people to use. There are three ways that one can get a locked door to open, either you knock and the door keeper opens, you look for the key and when you find it you use it to open the door or you simply ask for the key from the door keeper. These are three processes that we need to be able to do in life if we are to find success.

When you recognize an opportunity, you sometimes have to knock at the door until it is opened. For example if you want an office to start a business you cannot just go and get the office, you need to recognize that there is a key to the office and a door keeper. If the offices belong to the city council then they are the door keepers and they have the key. You could start by going to their office and maybe when you are there they might refuse to see you. If the door keeper is refusing to see you or to listen to you, then you must knock on that door. You have to knock until the door keeper has no choice but to open the door. If you really want something you cannot just sit and hope the door will open on its own you have to knock and it shall be opened to you. Most of us knock for a day and we give up. Imagine if most of the people that achieved all the great things in life had stopped knocking, where would society be. We give up too easily and we expect that life is going to feel sorry for us and things will just start working. Unfortunately it does not work like that if you do not knock you might never receive the success you crave for.

Sometimes people happen to get close to a door and all they need to do is ask for the key but the sad thing is that most people have already concluded that if they ask the answer will be no so they never ask. An example is a person who wants to buy a car but has no money for it. It may happen that they maybe an opportunity to ask for a loan from their friend, bank or someone close but they never ask because all they believe is that the answer is no so they never ask. Yet if they ask they might be surprised that they not only get the money but they are given under no conditions and they are not expected to give it back. If you are to ask for something and the answer is no the first time you need to understand that the fact that you have asked for it means that you have made an appointment with the future for that which you asked for to come. If you ask for something today you might receive tomorrow, the defeat of today is not the defeat of tomorrow. The person you asked from might remember years later and give you simply because you once asked.

The other process about keys is that you may not necessarily need to ask the door keeper to give you a key you might just need to find the key. An example is where there is a problem in life where for example people have so much information they need to store but the problem is they just do not have a place to store it. In comes someone who invents the personnel computer and there you go a door is opened for that person. This is why people like Steve Jobs, Michael Dell, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg are rich. They are rich because they found the key by finding a solution. There are many problems in life, all you have to do is look. The world is in chaos, any solution can actually work to bring you success. People have weight problems, reading problems, studying problems, saving problems, investment problems, make up problems, skin problems, relationship problems, humor problems and so many other things. All you have to do is get a solution and you have the key to open the door.

So you can sit there and quite hoping life will change. You can sit there dreaming of making a difference in life but if you never learn how to open doors you are probably going to die and leave a legacy of failure for you and your children.

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