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Which Report Do You Believe?

In life we have two reports that are presented before us. Most of the times we do not realize it but we actually answer to one of the two reports without knowing it and in the end we apply the recommendations on that report. Each report always tells us the situation in its own words and a recommendation is given. If you look at yourself truthfully you will discover that you are a product of one of these reports.

The first report is the vision report on earth. It is three dimensional and lacks any true belief. It is the report that most people tell you every single day. They tell you what is impossible and what is possible. They describe to you when things will end and how you will fail. This report is always built on describing the situation as difficult, impossible, not worth it, trying, and tiring amongst many other words. When you read the report or when you hear it, you automatically feel tired and just cannot understand why. This report saps all the energy from you and sometimes makes you dread to come out of bed. This report forces you to reward yourself very rarely. The recommendations are not so good from this report because it always defines your limitations and never really considers that your capacity can be increased. When you try to start a business, it’s the first report you are given, when you want to get married it is the first report you hear, when you want to just succeed in life it is the first report that is presented to you. The interesting thing is that moist people are now experts in writing and compiling this report. They will tell you of their experiences and how they failed and how difficult it is. It is so wide this report that it also has experiences of other people you have never met.

The second report is the truth. This report is there for us all the time if only we took the time to listen or understand the truth about life. This report tells you that there is nothing impossible. It is a report that believes in all things. It is the report that declares that there is nothing impossible on heaven or on earth. It is the report that believes and is convinced of success before success shows up in one’s life. It is the truth and the wisdom of life. It is the report that urges you to move on even if a thousand people fall on one side; and another ten thousand people fall on your other side. It is the report that writes and declares itself that even when everyone else fails, you and your family will not. It is the report that convinces you to slay giants and to blow the trumpet to go to war even with a handful of soldiers. It is the report that brings flavor to your life and says you are the salt of the earth. It is with this report that many people have become legends and mysteries; some have become the definition of history itself whilst others have dates marked against their birth. It is this report that has defined leaders who went on to move society into the light of wisdom.

Like any other report presented to you, you have a choice to choose what you will believe. You can believe that which seeks to bring fear to you or you can believe that which brings love and courage to your life. In all things be careful what report you listen to. On earth they may tell you things are impossible but for a person who believes, you must believe that it is already done and achieved before you even try it out.

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