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Strategies of Life-A Bowl of Soup

The decision of today is the birth of tomorrow. Everything that we are is a result of the decision we took as we were growing up and as we were yesterday. Our successes are defined by the level of vision that we have, the beliefs, the faith and the works that we decide to apply.

The story of Esau tells a tale of a young man who was so hungry that he sold his birthright for a bowl of soup. This unfortunately is what we do every day in most of our lives, instead of seeing the long vision we live for the short day. Things that we decide to do for a short while can affect the rest of our lives. These things will determine just how much we have to fight in life in order to gain that greatness or to become as well off as we desire. A simple act of drunkenness leading to driving can result in an injury that lasts a lifetime, an act of texting whilst driving can result in an accident that will affect us forever, a simple act of sex for one night for the fun of it can result in a baby you never planned or are not able to take care of, an act of violence in a moment can result in murder and imprisonment for a lifetime. Life requires a strategy and it takes certain decisions to make it in life. You may not be able to control what happens in life but at least you can have self-control.

To begin with, you must have a clear a vision of what you want in life. Most people are just dreamers but none are specific dreamers. There is nothing wrong in being specific about your dreams if anything that is the right thing to do. If you do not know what you want no one will know it for you. This is why when most people grow up they compromise on what they really wanted and just accept whatever comes along. For example, a person may grow up saying they would love to one day buy a big house. The problem with that dream is that it never specifies when one wants to buy the house, where you plan to buy the house and how you are going to buy the house. So people turn twenty, thirty, forty and then fifty years old still never buying that big house. The lack of specificity is what results in a compromise. College is an interesting place to be because it is the one place where dreams are made and lost. The moment people get to college they all want relationships, not because they need it but because everyone is doing it. No one really thinks on what kind of partner they want, all they want is a cute someone, a handsome someone, and a beautiful someone. The problem with this is that all these attributes do not tell you anything about the future. They are things that last today and not tomorrow. Being handsome does not bring food to the table; being cute does not take care of the family and being beautiful does not create an inheritance for your children. At the end of college people are hurt, have become parents, are in relationships they do not understand all simply because they forgot to be specific on what they really want in life.

When you know what you want you have to be prepared to be patient and to fight for it. Nothing just comes to you, by just sleeping only nightmares do that. Life is like a game of chess, you need to be thinking all the time. Every move you make must be calculated towards what you want to achieve. For example if you want to be a doctor in life, you will major in subjects that are related to medicine and sciences, why would you spend time doing arts only. Everyday you must look at what you are involved in and ask yourself how it helps you to achieve what you want. Sometimes your decisions are just the stepping stones to another level towards your dream so you have to be patient. The people we call great are great because they spent time doing what they believed in, they did not compromise. When everyone says turn left yet you know you are supposed to go right then go right.

The problem sometimes is that we give up too easily. Thomas Edison had to fail more than a thousand times before he became a success. Mandela spent twenty-seven years in prison before he led South Africa to independence yet when he was set free he was just as wise and even wiser. Today’s defeat is not tomorrow’s defeat. A righteous man falls seventy times and still gets up to fight another day. Sometimes it takes a lifetime to achieve something or sometimes you may never see the results. Would Jesus for example have known that the belief he preached would last two thousand years and shape the course of the earth? Would the founding fathers of USA have known that they were creating the superpower of the future? Would Martin Luther King have known that one day they would be a black president in USA? Though these people did not see it happening then, they did all they did in faith, believing that truly they would succeed even after they were dead. In other words they saw their dreams come true before the dreams became reality. You must never give up because in not giving up you will create a great future for your children and their generation. Imagine if Bill Gates had given up, it is unthinkable. Everyone is capable of greatness; the difference is who gives up first.

In life we need a strategy, a plan that we set out and we never compromise on no matter what, something that we stand up for and know that we will succeed if we persevere. You can make it happen after all it rains on the just and the evil. God has a plan.

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