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Your Million Dollars on Top of a Mountain

Society is an interesting tapestry of individuals all woven into one world or rather organized system. in the world we find a very small percentage of people that actually are wealthy and a huge percentage that believe that wealth is not for them. The am zing thing is that ninety-six percent of the world will give up on their dreams and will never live a sustainable comfortable wealthy life where they are financially independent.

What we usually forget is that money is an idea, the moment you have an idea you have the money but what you then have to do is get the money. Let us say that there was one million dollars on top of every mountain in the world, every person who climbs up a mountain gets one million dollars. Now the thing is this, many people will try but the majority will never climb any of the mountains. Even if they see evidence of those who have climbed a mountain and got a million dollars they would still fail to climb any mountain. At first they would hear testimonies from those who have made it to the top of a mountain and with the excitement in them they will rush to any mountain to try and climb it. Some people give up before they even attempt to climb because when you are at the bottom the top seem so far. By just looking at the size of the mountain and the distance they have to climb they just decide it is too difficult.

The second group of people will rush to a mountain and in no time at all they reach a quarter of the way up but as they are still climbing up they start to realize that they do not have the necessary equipment. Their hands become sore and their feet numb from pain. These are the people who do not equip themselves with the understanding of how to climb mountains. They lack the education not school education but the knowledge on how to run a business. They just jump into things without the right equipment and sooner or later they are bankrupt of energy and just as fast as they started they descend the mountain and never try again climbing any other mountain.

The third group finds the equipment and in no time at all is now able to climb any mountain so they think. They climb the mountain they identify steadily enough and in no time reach half way or almost close to the million dollars. The problem they then face is that they climbed the mountain in the wrong season. In other words they were busy climbing the mountain but it was the worst weather to ever climb that particular mountain. In the world they are many mountains to climb, each with a million dollars on top but you have to find the right one to climb wherever you are and in the right season. So some people actually die climbing the mountains that they try whilst other just need rescuing off the mountain.

The fourth group on the other hand is the group that always gets to the top. People call them professionals and some just say they are very determined. This group surveys before they do anything. For this group they have already decided what they will reach the top of the mountain but all they now want is the strategy. This is the group who when they stand at the bottom of any mountain do not see a mountain but see the route they have to take in order to get to their million dollars. To them it’s not just someone else’s money it is their money also. They believe that they can and that it is also their right to get the money. This group does what it can to prepare, they have a way of getting the equipment even if it means loaning it from someone, and they study the weather and get the right equipment to survive in the weather. Before they climb the mountain, in their minds they have already envisioned it before they climb the mountain, in other words they have already seen their faith climb up the mountain. When other people tell them all these terrible stories of bankruptcy, and debts they are busy thinking of how they can best go over these uncertainties and if they meet these uncertainties how they can survive them. These are people who just do not give up, they continue going up even when everyone talks of recession, economic instability and whatever economic slowdowns happen. Sometimes on their journey up the mountain they meet huge obstacles on their path, they are not afraid to go around it and still go up. These people are the ones that make it in society. Sometimes they seem like they are climbing very slowly but to them it is the pace they choose, some of them climb very fast but at the end of the day when they come down the mountain they are holding a million dollars. The people that you see as presidents, CEO’s, artists, entertainers and all the wealthy different people in society are those people whose mountain climbing has brought them success.

If you have an idea in life, all you need is to realize that you are at the base f a mountain. Are you going to run away in despair or are you going to plan and climb. Doesn’t waste time get yourself the right tools, strategies and alliance, start climbing because the million dollars on top of these mountains around us are yours and mine; you just have to decide to get it.

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