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What Is Your Center?

The universe is awash with concepts and principles in its design such that if we took the time to understand them we would certainly understand life better. The concept of a center is simple yet reflects in our everyday lives as well as the organization of any substance in life.

For everything that exists, there is a center to which the surroundings relate to. It is that center that defines how things will move or how things will operate. When you find the center you will thus be better prepared to tackle life head on. The earth has a core which if this core was disrupted we would more than feel the effects. Every household has a particular person who is the center of that home. It could be the mum or the dad, or it could be one of the kids. Society in large has a center which defines the culture or the traditions of it. It is that center that is then manipulated in order to create certain trends or fashions in lifestyles. Religions also have a center of belief, which sustain their existence. Hold on we are about to get to the point.

When we think we are about to be hit by something we cover our heads or we try as much as to block the head from any damage, simply because we believe this is the center and it is. The medical practice has already proved we can transplant any part of the body from the heart to limbs, to just about anything but not the brain. The center is the one thing that sustains life or existence of anything, when it is disrupted the surroundings area is critically disturbed or destroyed. Some societies base their centers on money, some on democracy, some on kings, whilst some on religion; at the end of the day if one is able to destroy that base the society crumbles. It therefore corresponds that the center must be something protected such that it cannot be destroyed if the existence around it is not to be destroyed. This brings us to the topic of this article, what is your center?

Biologically we know the center of your body is the brain simply because you cannot replace it, in contrast to what most people think of the heart. However, when it comes to your mind what you hold as your center determines your entire success in life. Remember what you hold as your center if it is destroyed so are you. If you believe it is money when the money goes so do you go as a person, if it is a person when that person dies so does your world, if it is a career if that goes so does your life. Literally what you hold as the center of your life will determine how far you will succeed and exist. The other thing about the center of your life is that you can never be better than its qualities. If you believe that a certain person is the center of your life then you will never be better than that person, if you believe that the center of your life is a career then your lifestyle will always be determined by that career. The limitations of what you put your trust in are the boundaries of your life.

Our minds function in relation to what we believe is the ultimate guide in our lives. For example when a person is making a new year’s resolutions if they believe that money is the center of their lives then they will always base their plans on the amount of money they think they will make during the year. If a person believes that their career is their center they will make plans based on the opportunities the career may seem most likely to offer that year. If a person believes that their center is a particular person then every dream they make will be based on the achievements and presence of that person. It is that simple. If a person believes God is the center of their life depending on the limitations of the God and the qualities of that God then that person usually sets their resolutions according to what their believe their god is capable of helping them to do.

As a person if you are making resolutions, what are you believing in?Aare you really making resolutions based on what you really need and want or are you just making them based on the limitations of the center of your life? Whilst some people are making plans to buy house are you making plans to find a better place to rent this year? Whilst others are making plans to fly to another continent for the holidays are you making plans to visit your neighbor next door for the holidays? Are you dreaming and planning big or are you just a prisoner of your own fears and centers? Hey, get the book “You Have All Been Fooled”, and let’s chat.

Mat 6:20 Stockpile treasure in heaven, where it’s safe from moth and rust and burglars.

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