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Coached to Fail

It is sad but most of us have been coached all our lives to fail. We may not realize it but our very views in life have been dominated by perceptions which are the cause of certain patterns in our lives. We like to blame a lot of people or circumstance but at the end of the day it us who subscribed to certain teachings which are the reasons for our lack of impressive progress.

We see things from a narrow view such that we never see beyond the careers, beyond the politics, beyond the queues. Our lives are usually like a person who stands in a queue waiting to withdraw money from a bank. The queues might be a long one such that it winds down at least three different corners. The stance that we take is that we need the money hence we need to be patient and we psyche ourselves ready for the challenge. We calculate the time it will take for us to spend in the queue and without much assessment we are ready. Everyone in the queue of course will be thinking the same thing hence we have plenty of company. The very sight of other people standing in the queue gives us the patience we need and the energy to suffer the queue. If the queue is slow we complain and grumble like everyone else and soon enough we are all in the conversation on how the service is terrible and how the bank needs to improve.

As we stand in the queue we go through several emotions. At first we felt hopeless because the queue was long, then we saw everyone else and we felt comforted that we are not alone in this quagmire. Afterward we got determined to tough it out, and then we got frustrated, at the end we got resigned to the fact that this how things are. The last feeling is the worst because this is the sign of ultimate failure, when we resign and simply say this how things are. In life this is what we are told every day, whether we are at the bank, the market, at work, at home, in politics, or whatever situation we are simply told this is how things are. The worst part is the person who tells us is ourselves. What we never notice is that perhaps the queue is long because of other reasons. Even if we know these reasons we simply resign to the fact that this is how things are. Now facts are temporary states which are not necessarily the truth, so we need to be wary of this. Food for thought.

The queue could be long because we always come at the wrong time. Most of us usually try things at the wrong time. Remember there is a season for everything and a time for all things. we drive when everyone else is driving yet if we were just thirty minute early we would avoid the traffic jams; maybe if we studied for just six months in advance of our exams we would pass instead of jumping into the band wagon of waiting for others so that we feel they are many of us doing the same thing. Sometimes the queue is long because we are at the wrong place. They maybe ten banks in the city but we always insist on the same bank which is the one that everyone else goes to. It is like insisting in a career that everyone else says is ok yet it may not be the best for you or simply insisting on the same type of guys yet they always break your heart. Food for thought.

The queue may be long because some people keep jumping the queue, instead of speaking out or preventing this everyone just accepts and says it is normal. It is like in life when someone takes credit for your work yet you were there first, you did all the hard work but someone just comes and goes in front of you and gets the price and recognition before you do. Instead of fighting for your rights you just stand and remark that people are very selfish. Your remark unfortunately does not help you it only makes you a worse person because you are comfortable with wrong things. If a person broke into your house whilst you were there, you would fight them off because they have invaded your space, same thing in the queue of life why then would you just stand and lose your part in the sun. food for thought.

Finally though they are many other reasons let us touch on the most important one. The queue could be long because the bank has poor service. Now this is one is very common yet very few people can change this or more accurately very few people think they can change this. No one confronts the bank to force them to change the way they do business. The bank could add more tellers, separate queues instead of forcing everyone to stand in the same queue. As far as we are concerned at that time in the queue it is normal yet it is not normal. Normal is what we agree to but does not mean it is the things to do. If we all agree to bath at eight in the morning, it becomes normal yet the time can still be changed.

You may not be able to change the world but at least you can make a difference. We all need to open our minds and hearts to greater things. stop living like you have no choice and embrace the truth that everyone lives under the sun, opportunity is there for everyone. Just because someone put border between countries does not mean there should be borders in your mind on creating opportunity. Be blessed, this is just food for thought.

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