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The Day I Hunted for My Worst Enemy

The other day some years ago I decided enough was enough. I decided it was time for me to confront the enemy that had been sabotaging my life and my ideas. The only problem with this is I had no idea what was the identity of that enemy, so with my frustration in hand and my determination in mind I sought to seek out this enemy. I told myself that once I find him or her I would come out the victor.

You see, I had tried my hand in many things and of course had dreamt a lot of ideas but they just seemed to end just as fast as they begun. I suppose you could say my story was a story of failed businesses, love interests, house hunting, asset ownership, career progress and so many other failed endeavors. It just never seemed to make sense. I suspected a lot of different players in my life to be the saboteurs of my progress in life but I had to pin point them. Funny enough my name stands for victory but I was just no getting it lately in life. So armed with my new found determination and of course driven by my deep seemingly justified fustration I started to draw the list of suspects so that I could deal with them. My plan was to prove that they were the reason I was failing and of course if I then confront them I would be able to stand up for myself. Now that is a plan amde in heaven.

Now as I was sitting in my living room my first suspect was that perhaps it is one of my friends. I started to think, could it be that my greatest and worst enemy were my relationships with my friends. After all I had tried a few things which involved my friends and had failed in some things with them. The more I analyzed, I realized that it could not be that. It could never have been my friends. I have very determined friends who also want to be successful; they always give it their best and just like me they were also failing in their endeavors so for me to accuse them would just be the same as saying I was their greatest enemy because I am their friend. Now I have never set out to sabotage anyone and I do not think that my friendship with anyone ever intentionally caused the failure of any of my friends. So no, I quickly brushed that suspect off the list. So who was my worst enemy I thought.

Just then the bill for the water was pushed under my door, and it was quite an amount. I fumed and thought perhaps the government is my worst enemy. After all they set the policies, tax my little income, deprive me of some freedoms in some instances and other things I cannot mention. Are not governments supposed to ensure all people have housing and good income? It sounded like a good argument until I started to try to identify who was the government and where I stood. As much as I did not want to admit it I had to heed that the government was not really a person but a system put up by people. The problem was not that the system was to my disadvantage the problem was that I was not able to use the system to my advantage. The fact that the system was set up by people who if I must admit are not even close to my IQ means that with my IQ I could set up a better system. So in that case then, I was partly to blame because I had not put any input into how the system should run. Instead of complaining when the banks did not work, I would keep quiet; instead of challenging the bad policies I just grumbled like everyone else and let it pass. At the end of the day the bad things any government does is because the people allow it. The people are the army, they are the police, they are the ministers, they are the policy makers, and they are at the end of the day the engine that allows the governments to survive. So I concluded the government was not my worst enemy. This only set me back because now I was still nowhere close to finding the answer.

Just then a Pastor came out on TV preaching about how the devil was not to be feared. “Aha”, I thought, “this was my answer”. Let us admit it they are times when things just go wrong in life when there is no one around and you wonder what is going on. It is like some invisible person is just trying to sabotage you even when you are thinking your ideas in your private room and all these insane thoughts come. I quickly grabbed my bible and went into the Genesis book and read the part where the devil tricks Eve and Adam into disobeying God. As I sat on the sofa wondering, another thought came into my mind, was Eve tricked or she chose to believe the devil. My brain started to create a court case in mind, Eve knew the one law of the garden which was that they were not to eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge and good. In that circumstances the devil did lie to them, the truth still remained they are the ones that reached out to touch and eat the fruit. The argument then becomes whose hands passed the fruit into the stomach and whose teeth chewed the fruit. Eve was under no duress but was simply presented with an opportunity to break the law and hence in a court of law we would say she conspired with the devil to break the law. That would make Eve, Adam and the devil joint conspirators making them just as guilty. We would identify the devil as the mastermind, Eve and Adam the ones who carried it out. There was no duress in this situation it was a willingly situation. They chose to listen to the deceit and not the truth. So in this case who was their worst enemy?

By now I was getting a bit stressed because I was diving into a terrain of thought I had never been in. How could all these suspects not be my greatest enemy? I had built a case but all my arguments seemed to be falling. Looking at history I realized that there was two reasons why mankind acts the way they do. You cannot act because of both at the same time, at anytime you actually operate under the influence of one of the two. The one reason was my greatest ally and the other was my worst enemy. As a child I realized that l had learnt to use the two in different ways at different moments. The result I got in life was determined by one of the two. It dawned on me that these reasons were also an idea which existed in my head. They were a concept that I valued and cherished but of the two I did not need one. I was glad I had found my greatest enemy. Looking into all my suspects, I realized they all used this idea to their advantage and also to their disadvantage; they also had used it to their demise. Instead of standing for the other one they had used the wrong one. It is the reason why people go to war, why nations fall, why fathers neglect their children, why people oppress each other, why lies are told, why murder is committed, why pollution exists, why hate is alive, why nature is abused. The devil was defeated by Christ on the cross and he is still your enemy but your worst enemy is simply the other reason. In other words I declared, “You Have All Been Fooled.”

Mat 10:28 And do not fear those who kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul. But rather fear Him who can destroy both soul and body in hell.
Rev 20:14 And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death
1Co 15:26 The last enemy made to cease is death.

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