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Dreaming Beyond A Blackberry

For every person that lives on the planet earth there is a purpose and a dream that they have. We all dream at one point or the other, and our dreams or imagination acts as the preview to what level of greatness we want to achieve. Every great achievement on the earth owes its existence to the truth that someone had to dream of this achievement before it materialized to what it is.

 The beauty about dreams is that it is the only place where you can do anything without ever thinking it is impossible. Within your dreams you can build the greatest empire, the fastest car, the tallest building and so much more. It is the place that you can achieve all the things that you want in life. What we forget is that dreams and imagination are just the blueprints to what we can do in life. For every speech ever made about greatness it all started in a dream. Whether it is Martin Luther King or it is King David the fact is all of them had to rehearse their greatness within their dreams. If life does not give one an opportunity to practice then dreams are the perfect places to practice unlimited.

If we live for too long believing in the limitations that we are made to see in life we soon carry that to our dreams. Instead of believing that we can be anything in our dreams we limit even our dreams. We begin to define what is possible and what is not possible even in the way we imagine things. Imagine if Ford had decided that building a vehicle was a ridiculous idea where would the world be today, hopefully someone else would have believed. Everything we see was at some point thought of as impossible but the architects never stopped believing. The world will talk many things, and promise many limitations but at the end of the day there is no one who can limit what you can dream. They can suggest to you what is impossible but you define what impossible is. The dictionary says impossible is something which cannot be done, but it never identifies what that something is, it is up to you to decide.

So you can sit today and dream of owning a black berry or you can instead dream bigger and own the networks, you can dream of building a house for yourself or you can plan for castles for your entire family. You can think of opening the best bank account or you can simple own the best bank. You can dream of driving the Mercedes or you can own the factory that makes it. What you dream is not up to anyone it is ultimately up to you. God did not create an earth which has limitations but He created an earth which has possibilities.

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  1. Chomps
    June 5, 2012 at 10:03 am

    Thanks for the heads up. Will kip dreaming, not as a catharsis but, to greatness.

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