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Organization Is Next to Perfection

For everything that exists there is an order to it. It may be a system, nature or just an idea but to all things there is a way that it is organized. Just by looking at the human anatomy it is obvious to see that it is formed in such a way that there is an organization to it. The positioning of the different organs is so calculated such that it is next to perfection if not perfect. It follows then that all things have their form of organization which when set appropriately can function to their optimum.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. It’s a statement which is then followed by a carefully ordered narration which explains the order of things. First there was the light which was not the physical light but more of revelation. Now the objective at the end of the narration with regard to the earth was to create a place for humans, but before doing that there was need to create the atmosphere for humans. After that came the parting of the waters to create land. The plants followed next, then the sun and the moon, the other creatures and then finally the humans. This order was organized in such a way that humans would be created in a planet which was already made for them. No one moves into a house which has not been built as yet; instead you first ensure it is built and inhabitable before moving in.

Whenever we have something to do in our lives it is best for us to understand the order of things as this would help us to better optimize how things can occur. Jesus did not just start preaching, he had to be born first, then he had to learn, after that he had to be baptized, then he fasted from the influence of the world before he could be ready to start his ministry. Even before going around Israel he first ensured that he had the right people by his side which is why his team was filled with people from different walks of life to cover the different elements that he had to deal with in his ministry. When we make plans we must have the vision to understand how it will work. Each step must have been rehearsed in our minds so that when it is time to implement we are better placed.

There are many things which we have to fight in life, challenges, problems and all sort of things. Being organized means we understand what we have to do and what we need. You just do not walk into battle, your first analyze the situation before you fight. David when he had to face Goliath was presented with an option to wear amour. In other people’s understanding this made sense and probably appeared organized as it was the most natural thing to do. However we see David opting out of using the amour and instead using his sling to a great effect. David succeeded because he was organized enough to understand what he really needed in order to win the battle. Most people simply adopt other people’s solutions just because they are not organized enough to know their own solutions.

 As a Christian you are blessed to understand the existence of God and the guidance he gives, your steps in the world should not falter. The greatest form of organization is knowing that God exists and letting him be your guide. People falter because they listen to fear and discouragement when they should be bold and uncompromising. At the end of the day instead of being rightly organized people become conveniently organized.

Psa 37:23 The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way.

Winston is the author of the book “You Have All Been Fooled”, a ground breaking book about capability and ability that challenges your very perspective of life


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