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They Will Crucify You Too-Three Reasons Why

Joh 15:20 Remember the word that I said unto you, The servant is not greater than his lord. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you; if they have kept my saying, they will keep yours also. Doing good is not a license for people to treat you like a king or piling lots of kudos on top of you. After all the dust is settled and should you make a mistake you should not suppose that people will remember the good that you did, they will crucify you. Sometimes you can be labeled many things when you are trying to do good not because you are stepping on people’s toes but simply because you are doing good.

The first reason why people will crucify you is if you are moving too fast. When people are too far ahead in society in terms of their understanding and knowledge the end result is that there is always that misunderstanding. It is like the ant and the human being, as much as the ant can try the ant will never understand the human because the human is too far ahead in terms of the thinking. The relationship only works in one direction which is when the human has to act like the ant because should the human act like a human the ant will feel threatened and out of the confusion, you will be crucified.

 The second reason is if your vision is too radical. Sometimes you can have ideas such as that the earth is round when everyone believes it is flat, without hesitation the people of the day will crucify you. Suggesting things like that the earth moves around the sun and not the other way round back in the day would only have gotten you killed. It is not that you are wrong because you will be right but it is because you are challenging people’s beliefs such that people are afraid of moving to new beliefs. You have people who try to introduce new cultures in societies and at the end of it all they are labeled as the enemy simply because they are brining something new and different.

 The third reason why they will crucify you is that the world needs someone to blame. Jesus was crucified not just because of the reasons above but because he was available to crucify. Sometimes the good are the easiest to crucify. Your own family will look down on you and your own friends will abandon you because that is the way the world acts. Everyone looks for a blame factor whenever something goes wrong, very few people will look at themselves and say they were wrong. Finger pointing is a culture which society teaches us at an early age and we end up appreciating it.

If you are going to stand up for anything good, never do it with expectations of becoming the hero but just do it because you can and you want to. If you do it with expectations that people will love you for it, if they turn against you then well, do not be too surprised. God has a plan.

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