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Faith-Two Reasons Why Faith Fails

Most people attain faith out of the belief that the world will suddenly come into perfection. They are however surprised when things do not go according to plan and they start asking themselves why and at the same time start to lose their faith. It is common to find someone who is just tired of their faith they just do not understand anymore why they believed in the first place.

The first reason why most of us fail in faith is that we believe and we stop there. Instead of understanding that faith is incomplete without action we begin to think that faith has some magical presence which just makes things happen on their own. True when you believe in something it attracts good energy but at the end of the day one needs to have done something in order for what one desires to happen. Life needs a push in order for it to happen which is why when a woman gives birth she just does not sit there and expect the baby to be delivered effortlessly, there must be that birthing push otherwise there would be serious problems. When we eat we just do not put food into our mouth and by faith believe that the food is just going to sink in, we need to work. Nature on its own testifies that for anything to happen no matter how much it is supposed to be there must be a form of effort put into the different processes for there to be progress.

The second reason why faith fails is that most of the time people are looking for someone else to come and do things for them. In other words most people just think that someone else should come and do things for them. When people talk about the future being alright most of the time they are saying that they expect some magical person or events to occur which will make things happen from them. When it never happens they complain and blame everyone around. Nothing happens on its own and no one can guess what another person all the time and act out for the other person.  Personal responsibility is what lacks when it comes to most people and their faith, instead of climbing the mountain most people expect someone else to come up with the idea of climbing the mountain. Most people instead of speaking out against racism, injustices, and all other bad things in the world; they just keep quiet and hope that someone else will speak. Most people lose out on creating history simply because they expect someone else to come around and do what they have always believed must be done.  Greatness is not something that is copyrighted but it is something which for those who believe truly understand that it is there for them to take.

Faith is very powerful when used appropriately. We use faith every day, when we travel by air, when we eat, when we go to sleep, when we have children and in all that we do as we breathe. We do most of things we do believing that the outcome will be favorable to us. Our greatest enemy is never outside of ourselves but inside of our own unbelief.

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