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360 Degrees Vision

Two eyes are what we believe we have when we are looking at problems or objectives. Most of the time we only consider what we are facing at that moment such that we never really consider what could be on the side or behind us. Our plans are based on what we are focused on in terms of our direct vision yet they are so many different ways to see things. Our vision does not need to be limited to what we see directly but can become a 360 degree vision.

God is god because we believe that He sees all things past, present, and future. As humans we struggle in our many inventions trying to find ways in which we can be able to have a vision of what the future would be like and what we can do today. Sometimes if not most of the time we walk blindly without understanding what is behind the corner. Life, however, does not need to be a blind alley in which at any moment anything can happen. Life does not need to be story of chance and luck in which we are just helpless passengers who just cross their fingers and hope everything works out for them until the destination. As people we need to realize that we do not see with our eyes but rather we see with our minds first. In other words it is not direct vision of the eyes which has vision but rather the mind.

The truth is we use our bodies for physical interaction so what we see is supposed to help us to be able to get around not necessarily to succeed in life.  Our vision starts from the mind in different forms in which we use different words to describe what we see. We use words like imagination, dreams, hope, knowledge, understanding, love and all that yet it is all part of being able to see. The easiest way to travel the world and see all places is to read a book. You can go to China simply by reading a book and your imagination fires up and all of a sudden you begin to see the country. Most human beings have never seen that the earth is round but have been taught that it is round and hence they see it in their heads. The pictures we see could just be a total lie but because we see in our minds we believe it and hence it becomes true to us. Now what does this have to do with solving problems and achieving goals in life?

 What most of us miss is that life does not happen outside first but happens inside of us first. When a person says they love you, the love they have for you is inside of them and not in you. So a person can love you and you would not feel anything for them because there is nothing inside of you for them as yet. Everything we call anything happens inside us first before we express it outside for example before you pick a pen you have imagined the action first. While you are sitting down without any provocation from anyone you can just decide to get angry, happy, sad or just depresses, not because someone did something to you but because you decided it inside and you begin to see it.  Vision is what you see inside not what you see outside. When we look directly at something we see what we are facing, but when we look at it in our imagination we see all the sides we choose to see. In other words in our minds, in our imagination we can see 360 degrees around the object or idea. This is what separates the genius from the ordinary, a person who can see the whole picture from a person who sees what is in front of them. This is why someone can start an idea and become a millionaire from it and everyone else just falters.

When you have a problem you do not solve it outside, you solve it inside then you implement. It is best first to sit and look at the problem from your mind, so that you see the origin, the environment, the causes, the solutions and the after effects. When you can do this, you can solve any problem in the world. Any idea can be implemented as long as one has the vision, you just need to see it inside first. We misunderstand people because we choose to see what is directly in front of us, we misunderstand economies because we only hear what we have been told but do not seek to see all around the economy, we lack in success because we never choose to see the road to success in its completion. This is the biggest problem humans have, being unaware and lacking knowledge but only seeing what is in front of them. This is what leads to defeat in wars and in life.

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