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God Does Not Sleep and Money Also, But…….

There is a verse in the Bible that says God does not sleep otherwise if he did the universe would end. Now interestingly enough as humans we have created our own value system for which money does not sleep. Money in essence is the image of our value system, in other words we see money as representing what we are worth. On the other hand the Bible says we are the image of God. Now if God does not sleep and money does not sleep where does it then place us?

Just like God we like to create things, which is why our world looks the way it does today and changes after every turn of the century because we just love to create. Our problem though is more about vision and our ability to literally sleep. Not just sleep in terms of closing our eyes but also in closing our minds and losing sight of what we create. Now God made his creations and according to that belief he is always watching and has a plan for what should happen in the future because he values his children. We on the other hand create money and we believe it has value but from time we forget what the objective for it is and sometimes lose sight of it.

Money is useless by itself; it has no plan and does not think. Money is a servant which when you direct it to something it just moves and does what it is supposed to. The thing is that most of the time we think that money is in charge when we are the ones who are supposed to be in charge. We equate money to God yet money has no form of intelligence. This is why most of the time we think money will take care of us forgetting that everything we do is actually telling money how it must work for us. Just because we go to sleep at night does not mean that money should also sleep, this is why we are broke. If you work for eight hours a day you are just telling money that you need it to come to you in that value which is eight hours. For everything that you do, you are either creating or subtracting value, most people are not aware of this which is why we say these people are sleeping.

Receiving a salary does not mean that money will take care of you; it just means that you have to decide what to do with that money. It is not that money is not enough but rather it is just that we have not done anything good enough to get enough of the money. If you look in the mirror do you see what you are doing which makes money not sleep or you and your money sleep at the same time? Most people when they go to sleep their money also goes to sleep, which is why some people have thousands of dollars in their accounts but never enjoy life because they are afraid of money. Banks are supposed to be a place of transit for money not a home for money. You should have a minimum amount you keep in your bank for emergencies but that minimum must not stay there forever, it must be replaced by another minimum. It is like the exchanging of the guard. One guard guards today and is replaced by another. The replaced guard goes somewhere else to do another work. The rate at which you replace the money in the bank will show just how much work your money does for you.

Money is a servant which must serve us not the other way round. In fact money must worship us because we are the ones who have the power to make it exist or not. When you get one thousand dollars in your account what does it achieve for you or does it just sit there and accumulate.

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