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Christian Magicians

This world belongs to people who do and not to people who think. It is useless to think and never implement what you thought of. It is useless to believe and never actually do what you believe in. The thing about life is that everyone thinks and everyone believes in something, but at the end of the day reality is created by those who take the time to create and not those who think it.

When people become Christian ninety percent of them expect that the world will change and that their lives will become better, and they are then shocked when life does not change. The expectation usually is that the Holy Spirit will come and just like that, all things will make sense and solutions will be as common as the sand. Down the line you find the same people disappointed after years of being a Christian and living ordinary lives they become resigned to the hope that one day it will be fine after they are dead. You find the same people in church crying about the same problems year in and year out. When you move in different churches you will discover that Christians practically use the same statements, “Waiting for my Breakthrough”, “Getting into the presence of God”, “Let us petition God”, “Just believe” and many other phrases. The interesting thing is that these are phrases which are used in expectation that God is a coffee machine. In other words most of these phrases are said believing that things will magically come into place.

Now on the other side when you carefully read the Bible one will discover interesting things. When Jesus healed he always said that the person’s faith had healed them. When David was anointed king he first had to do a lot of fighting before  he could claim the throne, Abraham had to do a lot of walking before he could settle in the promised land, Joseph had to interpret quite a lot of dreams before his dream came true, Moses had to talk to pharaoh nine times before he got any success, Jacob had to work for several years before he got his spouse, Noah had to personally build the ark in order to save the world, Elijah had to challenge the prophets of Baal before he defeated them, the disciples had to leave their homes to spread the gospel, and of course Paul had to find the prophet before he could receive his eye sight back. What did they all have in common, they did something and lived their destinies unlike most of us.

 So then what is the problem with today’s Christians? Instead of doing most people are busy believing and fantasising. The world is going to the dogs literally while most people are waiting for someone else to do something. The strange thing is salvation brings light into one’s life so that they can see better, when they can see better they can act better. You would expect a person who has better vision to be more efficient but it is the other way round. Instead of using the vision to build a better world the Christians instead believes in magic. In Genesis it says humans are blessed and should have dominion over the world, meaning that dominion does not come by magic but comes by action.

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  1. Nelson Pereira
    September 29, 2010 at 7:26 am

    These thouhts enriche my mind, my spirit and help me to focus on the most important in life.

    Thanks, my friend.

    Keep on being a blessing.

    • Winston M.
      September 29, 2010 at 9:13 am

      Hi Nelson
      Hope you are well, thanks for the comment

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