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When You Do Nothing, Nothing Happens

The best way to get no results in life is to do nothing. Most people expect something magical to happen or something strange of peculiar to suddenly change their lives so that their prayers are somehow answered. Unfortunately life does not work that way.

It is one thing to believe in the power of words but it is another thing to actual prove the power of words.  Everyone has something that they want to see happening in life or something they feel they truly need. We sit down every day and pray so hard for that thing to come but it never seems to come, or perhaps we look at all the wars happening in all these countries and we hope one day they will end but the truth is they just do not end. It is like world war one and two; all the nations could have just stood aside and prayed for a miracle that the enemy would somehow be defeated. If we recall history some people had to die for victory to be attained. There is a time to pray and a time to get things done. People can sit in their churches hoping that somehow things will change or they can get up and make something happen.

There is no car that drives itself, no building that builds itself, no team that wins without playing, no phone call that makes itself; for everything there must be the hand of a person. If we just sit and wait for things to happen then we should not be surprised that more than often things happen to us. It is strange how people can wait hoping for change to come but have no idea where change comes from or what has to be done in order for things to change in their life. God works with faith which is why it is impossible to please him without faith. The equation is that simple, no action no food. There is no food that just ends up in your mouth, you have to get up and get it or do something. In order to eat your body must do something, no one just breathes you have to put action into it.

Most Christians like to pray a lot about everything which is good but most never follow up their prayers with action. The great stories that we read in the bible did not just happen by themselves, they are characters and persons through who the actions had to happen. The waters of the red sea did not just part, Moses had to lift his hand, Goliath did not just die but David had to walk into battle. All the countless stories in the bible always required the presence of a person who would then follow on the prayers. A nation is not liberated by prayer alone but by belief which acts on the prayer. You can sit in your room and pray like never before but if your faith has no works it is dead.

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