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Tackling Fear

In our lifetimes we all face fear in one thing or another, it maybe the fear of people, governments, situations or fear of the future. In all of this we can become so gripped with fear that we never really live beyond the ordinary and our lives just end as a potential that never matured.

As we grow up we quickly learn fear either from experience or simply from the many voices around us, it maybe that we have fear because of what our friends told us or our parents, politicians or just from movies and songs. Without doubt we make most of our decisions according to how much fear we overcome because of the faith we have. Now talking about overcoming fear can sound very dogmatic or it can be a practical thing. It is one thing to say I am not afraid but it is also another thing to overcome fear. It is necessary to believe that one can overcome fear but at the end of the day that belief can only be proved when you overcome the fear.

Overcoming fear is not a stepped approach or rather one does not need a manual which spells out how to overcome fear. Jesus was famous for always telling people have no fear. Jesus recognised that fear has entrenched itself into people such that it has become a culture. We as people are now such firm believers of fear that we think it is natural to fear yet fear is actually not natural, in any case fear is an enemy that comes in the form of whispers. It just whispers into your mind and soul and you decide to listen. If a person wants to defeat fear all they have to do is decide and do. It is like deciding to wake up, you have a choice, if you think too much you might not wake up at the time which you intended, such is the way fear works. Consequences do exist in life for anything we do but does it mean we give up living the way we really need? Tackling fear is a matter of decision.

As long as a person sees themselves as inferior they will always have fear because they will always feel threatened by situations. However, if you believe that you are blessed and that you can overcome anything then fear must not become part of your culture. There is a difference between fear and respect. You can respect your leaders but it does not mean you must fear them. You can respect your elders but it does not mean you must fear them; the only being whom we should fear is the one who is able to destroy both body and spirit. Not having fear is not an opportunity to commit illegal acts but is a door to do the right things. If we decide that we are not afraid then we must teach our children differently, we must teach them that shadows can be respected but not feared, poisonous snakes deserve their respect but not our fear. It is at this early age that the tone is set as to what whispers your children will listen to.

You decide what deserves your fear. What you decide to give your fear to is what will rule you and will decide what level or standard of life you will have. If you do not fear anything in the world then there is nothing you cannot accomplish. You need to decide in your life what deserves your fear.

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