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Bad Investment Relationships-Where to Draw the Line

Once in a while in our lives we experience some very bad relationships or associations which just seem to take so much out of us, some relationships maybe economic, social or simply just political. It is not always easy to draw the line but that line has to be drawn or else you will drown.

 Relationships determine how far you will go in life. Good relationships can be the catapult to extreme wealth whilst some relationships can just be the nail to a coffin of poverty. Firstly, they are some relationships which we get involved in for the purpose of economic wealth such as jobs, investments, and business. We tie ourselves to these with the vision that one day we will get a return or pay day which will result in us getting wealthy but in the end it never happens. Jesus spoke about the parable of the tree in the garden which had been natured for three years but still was not producing anything. The owner of the garden decided that because he was not getting anything he was better off cutting down the tree. However the gardener pleaded with the owner for one year in which he would give all the attention possible so that if it does fail on the fourth year he would then cut it down.

 For every investment you make you must have a defined period in which you expect a return. It must be a specific period it the case of the owner in the parable, it was three years. However whenever you make an investment make sure you have done all that is possible to ensure that the investment works so that when it fails you know you did all you could, this is the fourth year that the gardener pleaded for. The last thing you want in life is to waste precious time on investments which do not work, after the age of life on earth is quite short.

 Some relationships are based on the basis which they are made. For example we can make investments based on the attachments we have with people or the reputation we have heard from people about the opportunities which exists. It is like the parable of the talent where the servant buries his talent in the ground. The problem was not the one talent he had and neither was it the ground where the talent was buried. For all we know the ground could have been very fertile and the talent could have been a very shiny coin. The problem was the thinking process of determining what kind of a relationship could be created between the coin and the ground. Instead of recognising that there is no benefit in putting a talent in the ground, the servant believed this was a worthwhile investment. His created relationship based on the ability of the ground keeping things safe resulted in him not creating any value at all. It is like this with most people when it comes to their jobs, businesses and investment, they bury their money in believing it is safe but at the end or turn of the year they never realise any value.

 Whatever investment we make in life we need to recognise that value creation is important. We need to understand time and being specific. As Christians being wise is a very prudent thing to choose so that we move along.

 Winston M is the author of the book “You Have All Been Fooled”, a ground breaking book about capability and ability that challenges your very perspective of life.

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