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Should Christians Stay Out of Politics

Many people ask this question but few ever answer it appropriately. In actual fact people hide their true answers behind what they have been told or what they expect people are expecting them to say.

Now Christians are in the world but are not part of the world so the saying goes.  Does that statement mean that if God calls you to rectify what is wrong then you step aside and say that the church should not be involved? It is very hard to find one person in the bible who was not involved in politics. Moses challenged the political set up of Egypt, David became king, Abraham established the roots for state, and the list goes on and on. What is politics anyway? Just because the people of the day use it in a dirty way does that mean that it is a dirty word?

When you create a vacuum in any place something else must fill that vacuum, it is the law of nature. If you step out of entertainment someone else will take your spot, if you step out of government someone else will rule you. It is the same thing in politics, if you step out then someone else will take charge. Christians are supposed to be the light of the world but what happens to that light when they refuse to lead in the different aspects of society? Who will provide the light in politics, sports, economics, and entertainment? If things are looking bad in the world it is because someone has neglected their responsibility. It is sin for a person who knows to do good and neglects it.

People like to use Jesus and say he was never involved in politics. Jesus was seen as a leader and had quite a following which is why he was crucified. His gospel of the kingdom of God is that not a message which challenges the very political standing of the kingdoms of the earth. When Satan was trying to tempt Jesus was that not a political move so as to defeat his adversary by making his adversary joins his kingdom? We complain about global warming, political injustice, corrupt courts, misguided television entertainment, well guess what, if you are not involved in the decision making there is nothing you can do about it.

So here is the question once more, should Christians be involved in politics. Let me know.

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