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Tears Never Stopped the Rain

When it rains it pours, as the saying goes. We can cry about it and complain as much as we want or think we need to but the fact is that when the rain decides to come down it will come down. As much as we cry it will never stop the rain. We can weep or cry ourselves to sleep but the rain will continue.

Heartbreaks come and go but you cannot prevent them from coming once they decide they are coming. Injustice will always be there and so will a lot of things which we do not believe are fair when they happen. The only thing that then matters is what we do about it. There is nothing wrong in crying but when you cry make sure it is the beginning of you doing something to change things. Your tears should be an acknowledgment of how things are and what you need to do. Cry for a time but know when you must stop so that you can rectify things or fight.

Sometimes people will do things to you, which you never imagined they could do, and you will be so disappointed that nothing will make sense to you. It is at this time that you must decide what you stand for. Many people die in the world disappointed by the world, never having achieved true happiness. Most people die having spent all their life time crying and complaining about things. Many people die hoping that a hero will come from somewhere and that things will change. The truth is though you may cry about a situation; it does not mean it will change. You have to get up and do something otherwise you are just going to be a statistic.

There is a scene in a certain movie where a carriage is attacked by barbarians during the old times. In the movie a certain man goes under the carriage and starts to cry hoping that the attack will stop. Whilst he is crying under the carriage, the others fight for their lives and they defeat the attackers. You always have a choice in life, to go under the carriage and cry or to come out of the carriage and fight. If you choose to cry you will die, always being a stepping stone for everyone and never ever achieving anything.

As said before, the rain will come and so will your tears but does it mean that you should aid the rain by providing more water from your eyes or should you stand up and fight. No amount of tears will ever stop the rain, if anything it actually makes it worse.

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