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The Science of Poverty

We say that we are equal but we never really hit the nail on the head in understanding what we are equal in. If the truth be told we are not equal but equal in some things. Understanding what we are equal in and what we are not equal in, is then what becomes the science that makes the difference between poverty and being rich.

We are equal in the respect that we all deserve the same human rights. We deserve the same access to what nature has to provide and of course to have the basics necessary for life. We are equal in that we have desires, and all these other generalized terms but in all, we are in equal in that we are all capable of doing or achieving something. The danger now comes in simply mistaking human rights or capability for achievement. Every cloud can produce rain but it is not every cloud which will bring rain. The clouds are equal in that they are clouds and they have the right to be in the sky, they are equal in that they contain the same substance, but when it comes to the rain they will not produce the same amount of rain whilst some will never rain at all.

We as humans are not equal in knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge and wisdom is something we receive either by someone higher giving us or simply by us learning and opening up to it. The difference between people is that it is not everyone who has the capacity to learn who is going to read, it is not everyone who has the capacity to run who is going to run. You can place diamonds in front of a person but unless if they get up to pick them they will never own the diamonds.  It is the same with knowledge and wisdom. Whoever said knowledge and wisdom were there in the street was so correct. It is there in the market place, in the deserted street, in the desert, in the houses, in the homes, in the workplaces and everywhere. If you search for it you will find it. If you do not look for it you will never find it even if it was standing next to you.

The science of poverty is having the capability to know but never having the wisdom to use the capability. It is being knowledgeable but being foolish enough to ignore the knowledge. It is having wisdom but applying the wrong knowledge. It is being constantly told change the way you think and the only thing you change is the way you feel. It is being given the keys to the house and all you have ever do is acknowledge you have the keys but never open the door. It is opening the door for others but never getting in yourself. When people say we are equal I prefer thinking that they are talking about capability rather than wisdom and knowledge, because in that regard we are not equal. Some people are wise enough to gather knowledge but foolish enough to never implement it. The majority are never wise enough to gather any knowledge which is why poverty becomes scientific because it becomes a myth to everyone.

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