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The Cultures of Success

There are many different cultures that result in different states of life. These cultures will define what is success and what is not. Sometimes we do not realize that things we do are so cultural and have a quite a big impact on the status of our lives.

Think of culture as a way that we organize ourselves in order to live life in the best way possible. The best way possible is when we have the necessities which will give us security. Cultures are thus then organized in different ways which will help us be successful. A culture of failure is when we keep things which we do not use or need anymore. Instead of giving these things away or getting rid of these things we decide to keep them so that we feel secure about them. A culture of success is when we understand that we need to keep things which we need and are using. Some things may actually be people who we do not need in our lives but we just keep them in our lives so that we feel secure.  At the end of the day we just have all these things that we never use and they take up space in our lives and use up our finances.

A culture of success is taking responsibility for what happens to ones life, most of the time we are busy blaming everyone such that we never really blame ourselves. We need to get to a level where we understand that we have accountability for what we do. A person who learns responsibility will one day move to a culture of creativity. Creativity is being able to come up with new things such that one can move ahead in life. The more you look at yourself and take responsibility  the more you understand that you are responsible from moving from your current situation to a better place.

Being able to help others is a critical culture of success. It helps to open your mind and be able to see how best you can improve in life. The truth is when we help others we actually help ourselves. Being over individualistic has its advantages but can have its draw backs when we neglect the need to work with others or rather we help others. A successful person understands that they are the boss of money and that money is not their boss, hence they give.

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