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Success-Making Money Make Sense

Everyone wants money and everyone needs money, but the problem comes in making sense of it all. Understanding money seems easy but most people do not which is why most people struggle with it. Money only makes sense in two scenarios which most of us must find in order to be truly content with money.

First of all money only makes sense if it covers what you need not what you want. What you want is usually the extra comfort zone material things but what you need are the basics for your survival. If the money that you have access to is able to do that then it will start to make sense. The sole purpose of money is to give us access to the things which we need, this is why we go to work, or have businesses. When the money that you make is not able to afford what you need there is a lot of confusion and misunderstanding of life such that instead of money working for us we work for it. In a scenario where we work for money it does not make sense. We all have basic needs in our lives which in this systemized world must be covered for; hence the money within our grasp must cover for this.

The second thing is that money only makes sense if it grows at a rate sufficient enough to cover the things which we will require in the future. We have basics today and we will have basics tomorrow, so the money that we make must be able to cover for these basics not just today but also tomorrow. Most people can afford the today but most people cannot afford tomorrow which is where the problem is. In such a case we are always chasing the dollar from one form of employment to the other. We change jobs often in an effort to start earning enough to cover us for today and for tomorrow but the truth is no employer will ever pay you enough to cover your tomorrow because then they would lose all their employees. Everyone is paid according to today so that you cover only today and not tomorrow. It is then up to you to be able to find a plan to cover your tomorrow.

The concept of money comes from plants. Plants cover you today but they must produce enough food to cover your tomorrow. When we practice agriculture we are simply trying to cover today and tomorrow which is what money must do for us.

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