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Success-Finding the Contentment

Success and contentment are two things which are closely related. The reason why we pursue success is so that we have what we need. We want to be successful so that we can be content that we have enough and have a good life. Though many people are successful they are very few people who actually find the contentment.

Whatever success one gets in life there are certain things which one needs within that success to finally say that the success is truly what they wanted or rather the success makes them smile contently. In all things one’s success must bring peace, there is a certain level of success which when one gets there never seems to be peace. Instead of the success serving one’s purpose the person or people end up serving the success. It should never be the other way round, success must work for you not you working for success all the time. The reason why we plant is so that we may be fed by the plants or crops. We cannot plant something and then spend the rest of the plant’s life always taking care of it and never receiving a harvest good enough to give us a peace of mind. If you find that the success of whatever it is that we do does not bring peace of mind then there is something wrong.

Peace comes with security, so success must be able to bring security with it. There is no point in becoming so rich or wealthy that we cannot find security. When I say security I do not mean security of life but rather security in knowing that at least you have enough assets working for you. You may not understand the future or how things will turn out but at least you must have a plan from your success which shows that you have thought of the future. A good future is one where you know that your children and their children are at least guaranteed of a successful living.  The reason why we work so hard is so that tomorrow we can eat or we are able to pay for rent or whatever it is we need. Security is a good thing that we all need, it is not good to always worry about tomorrow which is why we must do well enough today so that we know that tomorrow in terms of assets is secure to the best of our abilities.

With success must come knowing when enough is enough. When a person does not understand what enough is they will never be truly happy with what they do because they will always pressure themselves too much. Anyone who wants to be successful must have a measure of what they would call enough, if you do not set up this yardstick the danger is that you will never enjoy your success instead you will always be serving the success. This is the danger that most people have, they never know when enough is enough such that they never enjoy life. Instead of spending more in their beds, enjoying food, enjoying their partners and children, they are always out there trying to make more money when they actually have more than their children will ever need. Success must work for you if you want to be content.

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