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Rich-Why Changing Your Job is Not the Answer

The fact about employment is that you will never receive a salary which will pay your future. What you receive is usually enough for the period between the dates that you received your last salary and the next date. Changing your job is not the answer to becoming rich it is just a rat race.

The thing about success is that we want to be rich enough to know that tomorrow is secure. There is no employer in this world who will pay their employees such that the employee has enough not to come to work for the next six months, you are always paid enough o ensure that you come to work for the next pay the next day. We are always crying for an increase because we lack an understanding of how the world works. The world is systemized so that everything works in a certain way. The people that understands the system are the ones who make it in life. What you really need in life is to make money whilst you sleep not to work for money. You need to be able to take a rest and do all these nice things in life whilst money covers you current and future expenses. Your job will never do that for you and your credit card only ties you to slavery.

The thing about our jobs is that we are only making enough to cover today but never enough to cover tomorrow. It is now up to you to come up with a plan which will enable you to make money which covers your children’s future. Have you ever thought what would happen to your kids if you died today or if you disappeared, they would suffer all because your salary has disappeared? You can change jobs as many times as you want but this will never solve any of your problems. You will obviously receive an increase in income but the other thing we never notice is that we then increase our expenses because the higher the living standard the greater the living expenses. Sooner or later we are back to the same balancing act.

Changing your job is not your answer; your answer is simple creating enough income which covers your children. At the least your job must be a way to make some cash which you will use to create more money. If you are not able to save and multiply your money you have some serious issues. If you think changing your job is the answer to your problems you are still in the rat race and need to change the way you think.

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