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Rich or Poor-Four Ways to Know

How do you know that you are rich? At first it sounds so simply to say that I am rich or I am poor but is it really that simply? Most people think they are poor when they are rich while some think that they are rich when they are actually poor. Rich is easy to define but identifying it is not so easy as most people have a veil over their eyes in terms of whether they are rich or poor.

If you find that you do not have the basic needs in life you are poor. It is that simple. We are not talking about having the things you want but rather the thing you need. We want a lot of the things but the question comes down to do we have what we need. If you find that you do not have the things that you need then you are poor. What then do you need in life? This is a question only you can answer and no one else. Some people need cars whilst some people need to be able to send their kids to school comfortably. Notice I did not say that if you have the basic needs you are rich.

Most of us do not have time on our hands because we are too busy chasing the dollar. If you find that you cannot take time off to do the things that you love in a year because you have to beat work then it is because you are poor. When you are rich you will be able to take as much time off as you need in life in order to do the things you love. When you are poor you cannot afford to take too much time off because you will lose income to cover you in the most immediate future. When you are rich taking time off to do the things you love is actually a habit you enjoy and work is a choice you have. When work becomes a necessity and not a choice then you know that you are poor.

Thirdly, when you know how to use money to make more money then you are rich. The greatest secret about money is that money comes from trees. Trees were meant to grow and produce fruit, likewise, so must money. Money in your hands must accomplish two things, it must serve you and secondly it must grow for you. If you are working in a formal job this is something which usually defeats our minds into thinking that money is just there for paying expenses. If you find that your salary is not achieving both of the two things mentioned above it is because you are poor, not because of the value of the salary but rather in terms of our thinking. People who own businesses accomplish growth of money because they believe in profit so naturally they are always making money grow, this is why we are usually encouraged to own a business or be involved in one way or the other. Owning things does not mean you are rich but money being able to accomplish what you want and need, that is rich, and you can only achieve this if you know how to make money make more money for you.

You know you are rich when you are genuinely aware that you have the ability to make money. In other words you understand that you can make money and you make it. Poverty is usually a state of the mind and when you understand that you then become aware that you certainly make money. If you find that you have all four of the things identified in this article then you are rich.

Now at the beginning I said having enough of the basic needs does not make you rich, the reason is because you need the other three. Just having basic needs is not enough if you cannot have time, or money does not grow for you and you are aware that you have the ability to make money.

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