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Rich Enough to Sleep

When you are asleep do you have anything that adds value to your net worth or is everything working to deplete your value? In other words are your bills going up while your income is only made when you wake up. This is a fundamental question which we must always ask ourselves in order to understand our standing in terms of wealth.

An employee works according to time income, this means that they only get an income if they are awake and working; whilst they sleep they make nothing. They live on a timely salary, it could be monthly, hourly, and weekly whatever contract but the fact is that if they are not at work they make nothing. On the other hand the expenses in their lives will always be increasing. If you have ever noticed, your bills do not stop coming just because you are on leave from work, your expenses do not stop accumulating just because you are on holiday. As my friend said hunger does not take a break, and neither does poverty. Everything around you will always be working and does not stop just because you do. You must keep moving just the same way things keep moving but you have to be smart about it.

Whenever you breathe there is an expense that accumulates, it sounds harsh but that is the truth. We now live in a systemized world where everything needs to be charged to something. Gone are the days when one could just get water or light a fire. Nowadays whatever you do must be charged to something, this means the water you drink, the electricity, the space you sleep on, the food you eat and everything else. We need a plan in life in order to be able to counter all these charges we face or otherwise we will be overwhelmed.

There are two things we can do in order to counter all these things are to either have less charges or to have more income than expenses. If you decide to lessen your expenses you need to be clever about it because you cannot live in an isolated world, this option only works if you are trying to save money to get other things but as a long term strategy it is useless to you. The only strategy that works is that you have a plan which works where money works for you whilst you sleep. In other words money must be paying off your expenses before you even make them, this level of life is what we call wealthy. You need at least one thing I your life which even if you are sleeping it will be paying your expenses. I am using sleep because this is the best example where you are not doing anything in your life but still your expenses are covered. In your life you should be able to sleep for a year and two years and still know that your children are covered as well as your children’s children. It sounds like a major statement but this is how it is if you are wealthy.

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