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How to Define Success

How would you define your success? Would you say that you are financially successfully when you have all the things you want or you are financially independent? Or could a person be financially successful when they have what they need? Would it not make more sense to describe financial success by defining what your position in life is with respect to possessions and needs?

We want to live a beautiful life and achieve many things. Everyone wants to be happy and to have the best of life. Sometimes we get all the things we want in life but soon realize that we do not have all the things that we need. There is a difference between having the things you want and having the things you need. The things you want are usually the things that have been advertised to you as being necessary but not necessarily the things that you require in your life. You can get the greatest cars in the world and sooner or later you will realize that these things are not enough. The things that you need are the things that you target in life and you know that when you have them your life is enough. On the other side the things you want are just things you desire but do not make sense in terms of your needs.

Success is when you have the things you need. Let us be honest with ourselves and discover what we mean by success. What point is it to have all things you want but are never really in possession of the things which you need? The things that make you happy are the things which if you have you can judge yourself as being successful. Financial success should be able to get a person the basic needs before the comfort, after the basics the finance must be able to facilitate for your dreams. The visions that you have and what you have always wanted, financial success must be able to attain this for you.

When we look at ourselves and we say that we are successful what are we saying of ourselves? Are we saying that we are happy or are we simply saying that we have things in our life? Money does not buy happiness but it must help you to live a happy life. There is a difference between living a happy life and living life. There are basics that we need in life and we should at the least be able to afford these.

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