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Financial Freedom-Threes ways to set yourself free

There are prisons which exist which have no bars but keep people bound up and they cannot escape. These prisons exist in all different places and people never really move out of the positions they are in. The worst prisons are the prisons which we cannot touch, it is the prisons whose bars are within our minds.

The first things to do in order to set yourself free is knowledge. Ignorance is when you have no idea what is going on in life such that opportunities can pass you by and you never know what you could have done to catch that opportunity. Financial freedom is not something which is expensive to buy it is just something we can get simply by learning and getting knowledge. The most successful people are not the person who sit it is the important who have information about things and how things work. Every prison has keys but if we are not knowledgeable about the keys we can never set ourselves free. Instead of striving to achieve knowledge we are busy ignoring our ignorance. Instead of learning from what we observe we just talk and never develop knowledge about the things we see.

The second thing is to have the right attitude. We are busy being active but we never change our ways. We never do anything different instead we just repeat ourselves in everything we do. At the end we are always unhappy and poor. Instead of being on the lookout for opportunities we are busy looking for situations to be afraid of. Such an attitude breeds fear which incarnates us into a prison we never seem to be able to get out of. Some of our attitudes go as far as being too lazy to even budget the things we need to achieve. At the end of the day our attitudes sink us. We need to change the attitude that we have so that we are able to live in financial freedom.

The third thing is doing the right thing. In other words in order to have freedom in life you need to be able to apply yourself in the right direction. Your actions must have a positive outcome which is measurable and accounted for. We need to be able to plan such that we do not waste our time in trying to break out of prison using the wrong plan. When we do the wrong things all the time we build ourselves prisons of failure. We build ourselves standards of failures which haunt us all the time. We just never seem to break out of the prisons of failure, simply because we have the habits of doing the wrong things.

These steps above are not complicated but are simple for everyone to find freedom. Knowledge, attitude and doing the right things are not something which you buy but rather are things which we can get for free.

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