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Self Realization-Three Ways to Find Yourself

My friend said that sometimes we ask questions to confirm what we know and the other times to find out what we do not know. Self realization is a journey which requires different directions in order to realize benefits which are agreeable to us. However in all the travels we still need to remember that the center of all our travels is our very existence because sometimes we can travel so far we forget why we travel.

Self realization is about knowing who you are and having an identity. It is about having an experience of our lives. So much is advertised about products, businesses, life and all other different aspects but nothing is ever talked about us. It is like everyone knows exactly what you need but no one really ever asks you what you want. The first thing about realizing yourself is knowing what you want. We are told of so many things of what we can become but very few people ever ask us, what we really want. We cannot realize ourselves if we do not know what we want from life.

The second thing in self realization is what are we doing which brings us to happiness? We spend most of our time doing so many things that we never really ask ourselves if what we are doing is worth our time or maybe we are just doing it because everyone is doing it. It is easy to fall into the crowd syndrome where you spend your life following the crowds then one day you wake up and discover that you never did anything in life which made you happy.

It is amazing how many things our brains can store. We know dates, money, figures, places, but in all this we forget ourselves. We forget that we are also there and we need to be taken care of, not by the world but by ourselves. There is nothing wrong in wanting to be happy. You are not selfish because you want to be happy. Life has so many things but the journey starts from the centre which is you heart. We can remember all the nice things in life and in our working places but if we forget ourselves we will never be happy.

 Self realization is like looking in the mirror and finally noticing yourself. Most of the times we just look at our lives but never really see ourselves, all we see is what we expect to see. We end up forgetting what we really look like and what really makes us happy. Anyone can be happy, it just takes a little bit of self attention once in a while.

Winston M is the author of the book “You Have All Been Fooled”


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