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Love-Two Ways To Know It Is Real

Love-Two Ways to Know It Is Real

Defining love is not something anyone or any literature has been able to define within an acceptable phrase or description. Many definitions arise which liken love to one thing or the other or simple reference love to other emotion but never real attain that measure of satisfaction which can truly say that love has been defined. It is in this quagmire, that many definitions arise which lessens one experience of love and strengthen another experience. In the end a romantic love, paternal love, or godly love all  never seem to give justice in helping people to understand what love is. Confusion then reigns in understanding or finding love.

How then does one tell that what love is or have enough sufficient knowledge to experience it? The first thing to note is that love is a personal experience unique to every individual. Each person has an idea of what love is and hence each person has an idea of what to expect.  In our hearts we all carry precious cargo which is love, it is something that no one teaches us but we learn by ourselves. As we grow we understand that love is for us to either keep or to give away. The more we are comfortable with a person the more we are able to give it. In this regard the first point in understanding love is knowing that feeling which you get inside which you cannot place a definition to. When you feel that feeling inside then you know you have stumbled upon love. That feeling is like a light that lights up your soul such that things for moment though not making sense seem to make perfect sense.

The second thing about love is that it does not need a reason to exist. The point is this, we have love but it is not defined by reason but simply exists as it is. When we try to justify love we start naming other things which are not love as love, for example, we name infatuation as love, desperation, dependency syndrome, insecurity and we begin to call it love. In the end when this love that we have wrongly named does not act in the way we would want or simply does not get the type of reaction we expect we run and claim people are just insensitive. Love does not need excuses or reasoning for you to identify it, it just needs feeling. Love is a feeling which you feel not what you obtain or create.

When we want love we need to first understand ourselves because this is where love comes from. It comes from the inside of our hearts and we have the power to make that love manifest. Everyone wants to be loved and to find love, sometimes this quest becomes such an infatuation we think in order for us to become incomplete we need to find someone who is going to make us feel loved. The truth is the opposite we need to love ourselves first before we can find love because if we do not understand ourselves when someone else comes to give us their love we will fail to recognize it because we have never known it for ourselves. Our expectations become clouded with confusion with what love truly is.

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