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Self Control – Two Basic Principles For Achieving Control

Everyone has their moments which leaves them wondering or remarking that they could have handled a situation better. Those are the times when we lose our self-control and it seems we just have no idea how it happened or why we did what we did. Achieving self-control is a critical ingredient in achieving success in whatever facet of society we partake in. It can mean the difference between making a good impression or making a terrible one, it can literally change how people perceive you depending on how you are able to handle your self-control.

Self-control is basically about two principles, the first principle being observation. One of the best ways to understand anything in life is to observe it. It could be a game or a job, the moment one starts observing it that is the moment we start truly understand how it works. We like to observe others but rarely do we pay attention to observing our own selves. We tend to think sometimes we just act the way we do and that we cannot change, yet we have never really taken the time to understand ourselves. It is like a guy asking out a girl, sometimes the guy just cannot understand why the girl would say no. Yet if the tables where turned and he saw himself through the girls eyes, the guy may never date himself. In other words we forget to look at ourselves in the mirror and notice what we need to improve on.

In the morning we wake up and one of the important things we do is the mirror activity. We observe our selves so that we can be better prepared to interact with society. This is the same principle in that we need to observe our own character, beliefs and actions so that we can be sure that we are really prepared to have that self-control.

The second principle is listening. Most of the times we want people to listen to us but we forget that we need to listen also, not just to others but also to ourselves. We are always thinking and feeling something at any point in time. With listening comes the ability to understand what really constitutes something. If we listened to half of what we think and what we say we would understand whether we are making sense or not. Self-control is not about how you handle the outside world it is about how you handle the inside. Anything which needs control needs to be understood. We cannot just say that a person needs self-control without the person first understanding what exactly they need self-control over.

Each one of us has the ability to achieve great self-control which can catapult us to greatness, after all greatness is not copyrighted to anyone. It is up to us to see the greatness within ourselves and self-control is that fist step towards achieving that.

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