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Time vs Death vs Fear

Days and seasons is what most of us think of time is, yet time takes a whole new dimension in our lives. When we are talking about “I am out of time”, “Time is moving” we are not talking about the original concept of time. Originally, time is just a moment when things are in a certain state. In its originality time is just a place, observation and relative existence. In simple terms time is just reality as observed of what is around us.

Now, what we refer to as time in our everyday presence is actually the presence of death. To us the measurement of time is the measurement between birth and death. It is the measurement of days and seasons between the opening and closing of windows, it is the presence of an opportunity and its disappearance. This concept of time is the wrong concept. In the absence of death time, from our limited understanding, time becomes eternity yet this is no the same thing. Eternity is life without measurement. Time is observation of an existence. When we speak of such things as running out of time we are actually saying an opportunity is closing or death is coming. If we take away the concept of death where death ceases to have its sting so to quote, life begins to take a different dimension. Time in our wrong conception is fear substitution for death. Where we live and measure time we do it with regard to the fear that we are closer to death or in some circumstances to completely missed opportunities.

A simple extrapolation of this is the conclusion that our number one enemy is not time or fear but death itself. Every fear that we have is based on the possibility of death. We are afraid we may never find someone who loves us because we are afraid we will die before it happens; we race to buy houses so that we die having at least owned one. Our major fundamental error in human existence is that we have married time to death yet this is not supposed to be the case. Our every organisations, systems, competitions, romances are wrongly based on the prosepct of death. Existence consists of many possible realities. In simple terms time is an observation of realities and their occurrences without any relative marriage to a death occurrence. Time exists in the absence of death as an observation of existence otherwise eternity will not have any meaning.

How do I write this so that you understand better? What I am saying is, if you eliminate death or the conceptual relativity of death to your existence you create a mastery of time in which you have self-control and the existence of things. You become capable of creating possible realities which we can do using a different concept which is not aligned to death which is faith. There are many alternative realities which are possible and we can create them within the right understanding that there is time, season for everything. What you want now you can have if you understand the power of time. If you want to succeed in anything all you have to eliminate is not time but your relative conceptual understanding of death. Time is your existence reference to which any person can then boldly say “I am …”. Its funny how people never ask you questions about things when you are still alive but want to know and sepculate when you are dead about what you really meant. Any way you see you in time.

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1Co 15:55  O death, where is your sting? O grave, where is your victory?”

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