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Creating Tomorrow Today

So much is spoken of tomorrow we almost forget that today does exist. We spend most of our time worrying about tomorrow we forget to give today its due attention. The success of today is a result of a yesterday which was a today and the success of tomorrow is a result of today which was applied. In order for us to become successful today we need to live in the now moment.  The now moment is not a general term but rather is a specific time and place. It points to what you are doing and where you are. It speaks of why you are doing something and how you are doing it.  It sees today and what you believe in.

Most of the time we are so carried away about the impossibilities of today we put never really live to fight for today or to attempt to achieve what matter to us today. At the end we are always looking to future which never happens all because we forgot that tomorrow exists in today.

There are some very basic things we need to achieve in order to live in the now moment to create a good tomorrow. Firstly we need to understand who we are and what we want. Most of us live our lives in an identity crisis which is why we end up trying almost anything which comes our way or in the near future we regret our earlier decisions when we finally discover who we are and what we really like. One needs to sit down and be honest with ones self as to who really am I? Are you what people say you are or are you who you believe you are? Or are you just lost in the many definitions given to you by the world such that at the end of the day there really is no real you just a name tag or job title?

Secondly it is important to see what you want not tomorrow but in today. In other words it is important to see the reality of what you want to create in what you are doing today. For example, a person may want to be a musician, if they just sit around thinking about it they may never get there, what they really need is to sing and practice and believe they are almost there. One has to live always expectant of the good things which will come. Our every “Now” action must be geared towards the vision that we have so that we are not wasting our time. what you do today must be a reflection of what your vision is all about. The way you talk, your ideas, your dreams and interests must at least be an image of what your tomorrow holds. When people look at you or rather when you look at yourself you must at least see an image of what you are achieving today in creating tomorrow.

Finally one needs to have belief today and not tomorrow. One must believe that whatever it is they are working on, even though it has not shown up, is the seed hence it has shown up. Most of us put off our belief for tomorrow and say things like, “When I get the money I will be ready” or things like “It not yet time to think about such things”. When we do that we put off the existence of tomorrow from today. We need to believe in today to create a tomorrow.

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