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You Have All Been Fooled

You Have All Ben FooledOver time, people become a shadow of themselves because they are too busy trying to be what they are not, while never living up to their potential. In a world full of images, words, laws and rules, there is a need for us to be true to who we are and what we are capable of doing. We need to see ourselves as the very best of what we can be, because life is too short to spend it being confused and not achieving our goals. Winston M’s new book, You Have All Been Fooled, a book for the body, mind and spirit, shows us that everyone has great potential and can succeed in their dreams.

You Have All Been Fooled explores how people live within the shadows of the world, never realizing their own capability. Religion has played its part in the perceptions we have, and Christianity is a major player. Much is preached on attaining a good life, but that’s not possible when the wrong perceptions are being created without relevant insight into what is realistic and what is not. This book is about power, ability, capability, but above all, hope



  1. Winston M.
    January 18, 2011 at 5:12 pm

    Author: Winston Zvikuzhe
    Pen Name: Winston M
    Publisher: Eloquent books
    By Isdore Guvamombe from teh Herald
    THE modern world is fast, stressful and complex and one needs to manoeuvre through life’s hair-pin curves, through the sudden twist and turns of human existence to succeed in making a better living.
    The ultra-modern global village communication’s systems, business matrix, inter and intra-personal communication and understanding the world around you might fool you or you fool the world.
    At the end one’s religion and faith adds to the complications that come with the prerequisite swift decision making.
    You need to know when to push the button when you want things to happen and they should happen.
    In the final analysis the balance between religion and religiosity, the art and the belief on one and, tact, tenacity, focus, confidence and self-belief on the other crafts one’s template to success or failure.
    You Have All Been Fooled, is a book that is incisive, motivating, moralistic and didactic in nature but, what makes it different from such other books is the writer consciously provokes the person in you to re-look at the world from another point of view.
    After reading it you feel invigorated and also feel challenged take on the world, make your presence felt by deciding what is right and what is wrong for you.
    “If you want to make certain things happen, you know that you must push certain buttons. For it to rain, there must be the presence of clouds.
    “For it to be day there must be sunshine. Nature has a law of how things happen in life.
    “Pushing the right button means understanding what needs to be done in order for the next thing to occur.
    “You can have all the faith in heaven, but if you do not do any work for that faith, nothing will happen,’’ goes the writer in articulating decision-making.
    One feels challenged to apply his/her brain, his/her stature and religion to the fullest in exploiting the situation around. At no stage is oneencouraged to disappear or surrender.
    The book is about power, ability, capability, but above all hope.
    “I was inspired by world events. By the way people try to make ends meat and how they apply themselves religiously.
    “I started by writing on-e-mail every morning broadcasting to many people, just to motivate them. I developed a huge audience and decided to go for books because of the demand,’’ says Winston in an interview.
    What is more incisive about this book is that it stresses the need for an individual to identify what he or she wants in life and urges the person to go for it, BUT, after making all considerations, socially, politically or religiously.
    “Nothing can be accomplished in life unless the individual knows what he wants. In other words, you as a person must know what you want before you can benefit in life.
    “You might be left with the largest inheritance in the world, but if you do not know what you want from life, you will never be happy: it is what you actually want of what you own that makes you happy
    “The biggest hindrance to realising life is self,’’ goes the chapter on The Perfection of Life.
    This book is a must read for all those who want to be inspired to take on the challenges of life and change their fortunes, spiritually and materially.

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