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Taken for Granted

Relationships are like gardens. You plant a seed and at some point you have every right to expect fruit from it. That is why every major religion in this world talks of reward for good behavior because there is an expectation of some sort.

In planting there is work which need to be put in and caring which is required. At the most there is patience and tolerance because in some seasons the plants may not produce fruits but in some seasons they might. Like any farmer you need to be wise because there might a time when your efforts are going to waste. There maybe times when you do so much for the other persons but there is no return, so you have to be a judge in terms of when do you stop giving of yourself. However there is a difference between giving up on a person because they have disappointed you or giving the person their time out to decide what they want. You can only give up on a person when they are dead but while they are alive you can give them their space.

Sometimes giving people their space is just that, giving them their space. If you give up on a person while they are still alive it is like you are sending them to hell, however if you give a person their space it is like you are giving them a desert or wilderness experience. You will not be far but you will be close to them, maybe you might just be around them like the clouds or on top of a mountain because you love them.

Whether you like it or not people will insult you, take you for granted, break your heart, but in all this you have to decide at what season are you in with the plant. Are you now wasting resources and they need a time out or are they now dead to you. choose wisely.

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