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Walking Into Reality

If reality does not exist how then do we explain what we see and what we do? Surely it means that reality does exist somehow otherwise how then can we explain the things we see. So I decided to observe the streets before me. In front of me was a car park with lots of cars. The owners had left their cars there and would come back to pick them up. Drivers would come and simply unlock the car, enter and drive away. As I watched the cars moving away I began to notice that driving does not exist as an object because you cannot touch it. I noticed what people actually did were little actions based on the fact that they believed that cars could move. So an owner can leave their car in a car park and someone could come, drain the fuel away and as long as the driver believes there is fuel in the car they will try to do all the little processes they call driving. “So maybe, driving is something people believe”, I thought, because other people could not do it simply because they do not believe that they can. So driving is, simply believing that the car will move in a certain direction when you do certain processes. If you believe that place A exists you then move the car towards that direction yet there is a high likelihood that the place may not exist at all. “Amazing stuff”

Now I was getting puzzled, “Do things exist because they are there or because we believe they are there?” I asked myself. The answer shocked me when I finally received it. Apparently everything already exists, the past, future, and the tomorrow; the difference is what we decide to meet or come into contact with. I discovered as I kept staring in the street that each thing has its time and place where it can exist according to belief. The cars in the car park are there because someone created a car park believing that cars will park there, and the cars were then parked by people who believed the cars can be parked there. So as I was staring at the cars, I realized that I was not looking at my reality but I was looking into someone else’s reality and the actions they took to create that reality. The problem with meeting other people’s reality is that we can easily begin to think this is our reality and instead of passing their reality we get caught up in it. “Absolutely amazing”, I remarked.

A person can begin to believe that they will never be successful simply because in their family no one has ever had money. A person can believe an exam is impossible to pass just because no one has ever passed it in their class. Just because you meet another person’s reality does not mean it is the same for you.  Sometimes reality is like attending a meeting, just take the minutes but it does not mean that you live by the minutes you took.

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