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Reality’s Journey

The other day I started on a journey to look for reality. I wanted to ask reality a few questions because I noticed he was causing a lot of suffering in the world. I woke up on one of the earth days and someone told me it was Monday. I started looking for Monday but I could not find it but was I told that it is an agreement that everyone has out of faith in order to create order in the world. I recognized that the calendar is just a piece of paper with numbers we write but does not have Monday. I looked at the watch and noticed that it said 6:00am, “ok I said”, it is 6:00am written on the clock but where do I find time and could I possible touch it. I realized I could not touch it.

Anyway so I made breakfast and got on my way to the city. I noticed that they were cars in the road, stopping and moving when ever the light symbols changed color. I asked one of the drivers why they were acting like this she said that it is part of the traffic rules. I asked to be shown traffic-rules so that I could talk to them but was told that they are in everyone’s head who is a driver. You cannot touch them but you just obey them. “Interesting”, I thought. As I was moving in the city I noticed that everyone was getting into buildings to what they called work. I followed some people and they told me they were going to their jobs. I got excited thinking for once I will meet this job character who made people so obedient such that they wake up every morning and sit on a chair. I wanted to ask job how he does it. In the building the people started showing me the activities which they do but they could not show me job. They told me job does not really exist but what they do is they follow instructions to work and this is what they do. The supervisor explained to me that job is in everyone head which is why they are so obedient to job.

All I could think of was, what a strange people, any so I asked them what was their motivation for spending the entire day that the sun is up inside a building away from home, they told me it is because of pay. This pay must be very powerful I thought, perhaps more powerful than job, because everyone seemed to get excited or agitated about her whenever the end of the month came. I waited and people showed me pieces of paper that they called money and said this was evidence of the existence of pay. “Strange”, I remarked to myself, these people actually abandon their homes and never see the sun because of paper, “Why can they not just go and get the paper instead of waiting the whole month for it”, I wondered, maybe pay is the slave master because most of the people seem like slaves to her, they never seem like they have a life of their own.

Any way I decided to leave the building and went into the city and met a lady who was crying. I asked her why she was crying and she said that her boyfriend had just left her for another woman. She said she that she was heart broken and that she might never love again. I remarked this is serious, “we cannot have that now”, I said. So I asked her how I could help her and she said maybe if I could take the heartbreak away from her. I felt obligated to help her after all she was so beautiful, so I quickly looked around for a stick so that I could beat heartbreak. I found a big stick and was ready to decimate heartbreak, so I asked her where heartbreak was so that I could teach him a lesson. She said heartbreak was in her head. So I told her I do not know how heartbreak got in but could she let him out so that I beat heart break. She said she could not because heartbreak was inside her. Strange I thought to myself, this lady is crying because of something in her head but she refuse to let him out. Unable to help her I left her still sobbing.

As I was walking I saw may people in the street begging from money. I did not understand why in a world full of so much paper and pay people would still be begging, so I went to see the mayor. The mayor told me quite easily of course, “This is how it is in life”. I asked the mayor where is it written that this is how it is and he said that it is not written anywhere and neither is it a law that others should be poor, it is just the way of the world he said. “Strange”, I said, by now I was getting stressed about these people, and my journey was getting too long. I looked for Politics, Fear, Power, Love, Hate, Wisdom, Knowledge, Information, Success, Failure, Stupidity, Happiness and so many others but still I could not find them in this reality they told me about.

I sat on a chair and started to recall my journeys events and came to a conclusion that reality does not exist after all. It is just a figment of everyone’s belief. I concluded that nothing really exists; it is all in people heads. I thought again and noticed that Reality is whatever a person thinks. “Strange”, I remarked

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