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Doing The Right Thing Is Insanity

People who dare to do the right thing are the ones who are laughed at and labeled crazy at the beginning. Society does not allow people to stand up and do what is right. Most people for example will ask you to tell them the truth but once you do they will label you many things and view you differently. People like being lied to so sometimes it is best to keep your distance and you peace.

Doing the right thing is like standing in the face of a hurricane because people’s opinions are hurricanes. The moment you start being different a lot of people will label you a traitor, a blasphemer, a mad man or a truant. Every great person was accused of being insane. You can line them up and you will notice that at some point they were all discouraged and taunted with such statements as, “Who do you think you are”, “You are wasting your time”, “You are going to lose your friends”, “You think you are too good for us all”, “What can you not be just like everyone else”, “You are not normal”. They are so many things that will be said, think of Martin Luther, Jesus, Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, Mandela, and so many others. If you know the truth then stands to it and hold on to it, because hurricanes come and they go but the truth is forever. The storms will come and they will blow but if you know the truth you hold on to it like your best friend and it will always set you free.

Doing the right thing is not something you just do, it is something that takes becoming unique and different from others. When they talk about you just relax and be yourself.

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