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Just Watch

After everything has been said or done, all we can do is watch. It is a pity that a person you love so much may be so far for you to help them even if they are standing in the same room as you. They could just be an arm’s length away but you really cannot change their mind or make them see what you see. Sometimes you can see the future n how it will change and what they are doing to make the future not so rosy. You cannot do anything at the time, all you can do is watch, because as much as you speak and try to help the person they just never see things the way it is. In such cases all you can do is observe and wait to pick up the pieces.

I suppose this is part of love, picking up the pieces and try to do something with it. Sometimes people will only see after an experience which makes them learn. Most people want to learn from experiences because they just do not move within the imagination of vision to see what will happen if they do not do things in a certain way. So what we can do is stand aside and let them have the experience they want so and just hope that the experience will not destroy them

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