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Sources of Pain, Hurt and Failure

Quantum physics has an interesting observation in that if you look at the lowest elementary existence depending on what you are expecting to see you will either see a particle or wave. In other words if you observe the element believing that the it looks like a particle you will see a particle and if you observe expecting to see a wave you will see a wave. Life is like that.

Most of us see what we want to see or what we have been told exists, for example if you were told that the food at a certain shop is very bad and the waiters are very slow you will definitely see it. You can be told that seventy percent of new businesses fail, when you go into business with this in mind you will see your business as part of the seventy percent.

In a relationship people get hurt because in the first instance they saw what they wanted. For example, people know what they want and sometimes they meet something that is close to what they want but is not exactly what they want. Instead of seeing this they then see what they want to be able to see. When the relationship ends they start telling you all the bad things about the relationship because now they see the bad side of things. You can tell people the truth and they will always see what they want to see, so all you do is tell them and wait for the tears and clean up. It is the same with gossip, people just see signs of what they would like to see and then stories spread like wild fire. Unfortunately once you burn something it takes time to grow it back, especially reputation.

Failure usually comes not because we are not able but because we prefer to have failure more than success. Subconsciously most people prefer being poor and not rich. Being a success comes with a few responsibilities or rather it comes with going where you have never gone before or doing what you have never done before. For example if Bill Gates had not had the audacity to envision Microsoft when every one else was saying computers are just a dream then where would the world be. Imagine that someone actually said at the time that world market could only accommodate five computers.

What most of us do not realize is that everything we want already exists and is just waiting for us to either make the effort to get to it or discover it. Instead we prefer to think life as the unknown because it makes us feel safer to think that the world is unpredictably so that we have an excuse not to have the courage to achieve the greatest we can in life. End of Part One.

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