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Mr and Mrs Right

Mr. and Mrs. Right serve as fuel for each others aspirations. Their combination is like the seeding of the clouds to make it rain. They balance each other like the perfect garden of love. Each sees things with one eye and when they are together they see both sides of the story. They hear everything together and understand it when they put their views together. They collect diverse data and create a single form of information together. Mr. and Mrs. Right are like the inspired story of love that never ends because they are each others wells of strength. They are like twin stars that shine together at all time. In the face of adversity they are like the bow and arrow, together forming an awesome weapon. Their love is permanent, when it is day they are the sun full of light, when it is dark they are like the moon ever present and defiant against the odds. Mr. and Mrs. Right remind me of the lovely rainbow after a storm, they bring beauty into diversity. You can search the desert for a greater love but Mr. and Mrs. Right are like the oasis that keeps its place when all else around it is dry. They are a fairy tale that should be called the “righttale”. They have seasons of the year but are the same year. Mr. and Mrs. Right are the perfect cell phone, always having network to true love. Good morning Mrs. Right this is just another letter from Mr. Right. Lots of Love.

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  1. Leah
    June 30, 2010 at 11:29 am

    Who is Mr. Right? Mrs Right?

    Is he Mr Right Now or Mr Faulty but Just Right for me?

    • Winston M.
      July 2, 2010 at 5:25 am

      Is he Mr. Right Now or Mr. Faulty but Just Right for me?
      All have sinned and come short of the glory is an interesting statement. It’s a statement that completely puts every person in the same bracket which is that, none are infallible. Looking at it then it becomes a wonder that we forget the difference between perfect and excellence, the difference between accurate and complete. A person comprises of two things, the physical and the spirit and both relate differently. I can measure a liquid because it fits into the aspect of measuring instruments which are physical but I cannot measure love, I can only know it for its state. You see love can either be hot, cold or lukewarm but cannot be put into quantities.
      The confusion comes when we start measuring things with the wrong understanding. For example people will forget your birthday or not compliment you once or twice simply because it passed them, but it does not mean that they do no love you. So how do you measure Mr. Right or Mrs. Right? Mr. Right may not compliment everyday but will make it a habit of complimenting you, there is a difference between accuracy and completeness. Completeness means the cup of love is full but may not be accurate when it comes to dates, places and memory. When someone really loves you, you know, not because they did things for you but because you feel the love before they say it. The person completes you, when we say the person completes you we do not mean there was anything missing from you; all it means is that they add on to your strength. It is like having a cup of milk which is full, when the person comes you feel there is another cup next to which also is full of milk. The person makes you relaxed and not anxious about the future, you feel that nothing has been taken away from you and you no longer struggle to understand what the person’s intentions are.

      On the other hand most relationships are like a physics lesson were everything is it cannot be quantified it fails to be recognized yet life is more about quality more than quantity. Love is about the quality of it, how it relates to you. if love makes you tired then it is not love it is frustration, if it makes you stressed all the time, the it is not love it is stress, if it makes you insecure all the time, then it is just infatuation. There is a difference between a person who loves you and a person who does not is also in habit. If the person loves you then it is a habit to make you fell good, if it is someone who does not then it is work to make you feel good. If every time you feel stressed when you want to show someone love it probably misplaced love. Love in the right place is as natural as breathing. The person can do wrong to you, when they realize it you will feel their pain for they will feel pain for doing you wrong.
      Its either live is hot, cold or lukewarm not because you measure it but because you feel. If we all sit and ask ourselves a simple question, “Do I feel the love”, the honest answer will be your savior. Most times we believe in working it out because we are trying to milk grape juice from a cow. We then force people to fit our picture just because we are not patient enough. So is he Mr. Right or Mr. Faulty?

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